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Leigh Genesis: A Cautionary Tale

After three years, then, it looks as if the Leigh Genesis experiment may be coming to an end. The club had been rebranded during the summer of 2008, but it now looks as if the club is to cease playing after three years of chaos which followed what was supposed to be a brave new world in the history of a club which had, through several different names, been playing since 1896. The club finished last season at the bottom of Division One North of the Evostik League and was due to start next season in the Premier Division of the North-West Counties League, but difficulties at their temporary home at the home of Atherton Laburnum Rovers meant that yesterday, the 31st of May, the club confirmed that it could no longer continue as a semi-professional club. How, though, did it come to this? Leigh RMI (RMI stands for “Railway Mechanics Institute”) were initially founded in 1896, seven miles away from Leigh in the Bolton suburb of Horwich. Horwich RMI were a pretty run of the mill non-league club for the majority of their existence, moving slowly up the non-league rankings whilst playing their home matches at the sloping Grundy Hill. By 1995, though, they had decided that they had out-grown their ground, and took up the offer to move seven miles away to Leigh, change their name from...

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Exodus From Genesis

Without wishing to blow my own trumpet too much, there are times when I think that perhaps this site should renamed, “Well, I Warned You That This Would Happen”. What is more surprising is that whilst we often see the screamingly obvious about some of the more hare-brained schemes that people within “The Game” manage to concoct, those people themselves seem blissfully aware of their follies, and the havoc that they have the potential to wreak. So it was with Leigh Genesis. As some of you may remember, at the end of last season, Conference North club Leigh RMI were relegated into the Unibond League Premier Division. They had finished bottom of the table with just twenty-six points, having conceded eighty-seven goals in the process. Undaunted by this disastrous season, their new owner, Dominic Speakman, decided to “freshen up” the club’s image. He changed their name to Leigh Genesis, changed their colours from their traditional red and white to white and black and had a new badge designed that looked like it might have been a cast-off from the designers of the logo for the Xbox 360. The club’s future, we were told, was safe. Genesis were due to move out of Hilton Park, which they had been sharing with the Leigh Centurions rugby league club and into a brand new, 10,000 capacity stadium at a place ominously called...

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