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Peter Ridsdale: Chairman Turned Repeat Offender

Cardiff City are due in court in a couple of weeks fighting off a winding up order, and the man in charge is a rather familiar one to supporters of Leeds United and Barnsley. Mark Murphy reports on Peter Ridsdale’s repeated misdemenaours and finds a predictable and depressing set of themes.

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Match Of The Week 2: Manchester United 0-1 Leeds United

Manchester United were knocked out of the FA Cup by League One Leeds United this afternoon. Could the time be right for a club from outside of the top two divisions to get to an FA Cup final for the first time? Much will depend on whether they can – or will – hold onto Jermaine Beckford.

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2009 – Year Of Missing The Point

2009 was the year in which the wheels constantly threatened to come completely off football’s financial wagon without actually doing so. Mark Murphy takes a look over the great and good of the last twelve months and wonders how they – almost – all managed to get away with it.

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