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Match Of The Week: LDU de Quito 0-1 Manchester United

It probably won’t count for much come the end of the season, but Manchester United became the World Club Champions this morning – the first English club to win the FIFA World Club Cup. This year’s World Club Cup has been hamstrung, as ever, by the imbalance of competition. This was further emphasised by LDU de Quito’s surprise in the Copa Libertadores earlier this year. In previous years, the saving grace for the tournament came in the final, when you could be guaranteed a match between a top European club and a name that most people at home would have at least heard of. There was no such joy for FIFA this year. The fact that LDU can come from nowhere is a sign of the immense strength in depth of South American football but, for FIFA, the lack of a familiar South American name only added to the sense that this competition is an irrelevance. It isn’t an irrelevance, of course (though you can be pretty damn sure that most have Manchester United supporters would have said that it was had they lost this morning), and the likelihood is that this is a competition that will grow and grow in strength over the next few years. Expect to see more club sides being invited to enter and it posibly being shunted to the summer to capitalise on that...

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The FIFA World Club Cup 2008

Is it that time of year again already? Long time readers will remember this site’s visit to the FIFA World Club Cup in 2006, and we have continued what is now becoming the tradition of lavishing attention on this tournament, which is surely the most peculiar in the football calendar. This year’s World Club Cup will be the last to be held in Japan for a couple of years – for the next couple of years, the competition will be played in the United Arab Emirates – and, as ever, there is an eclectic selection of clubs taking part, from Manchester United down to Waitakere United from New Zealand. This year’s tournament has an even more lop-sided look to it than usual. The surprise of the year in world football was Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito’s win in the South American Copa Libertadores, which made them the first ever Ecuadorian winners of a competition which features some of the giants of world football. That said, however, what many might assume to be’s assumption that Manchester United might just be a touch premature. Before we go on to look at why that might be, let’s start off with a quick look at this year’s runners and riders. UEFA Representatives: Manchester United (England) Who Are They, Then? Well, they’re probably the most famous club side in the world. Three times champions...

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