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Manchester City Prepare To Turn Hyde Blue

This afternoon at Ewen Fields, the freshly-renamed Hyde FC play Manchester City in a pre-season friendly which may feel more like a home match for City supporters than they might have been expecting. Hyde have had a turbulent time of things over the last twelve months or so, with the club only avoiding liquidation at the last minute at the start of last season. Now, however, they could be forgiven for feeling a little more secure after a sponsorship deal with Manchester City was agreed that will see the Premier League club play its reserve matches at Ewen Fields and Hyde’s shirts sponsored by City In The Community. The changes that have taken place at Hyde this summer, when seen through the prism of this partnership, are somewhat unsurprising. In addition to the name change, Hyde have also changed their colours from red and white to white and navy blue. We can only assume that Manchester City didn’t particularly wish to enter into partnership with a club called “United” that wear red and white. In addition to this, Ewen Fields has been given a lick of paint (in navy blue and grey), and other improvements that Hyde wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford have been completed. There are arguments to be made on the subject of the loss of the club’s identity, but perhaps the only minor cause...

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The Fall & Rise Of The Football Collection Tin

The collection tin rattling outside a football ground was, for some years, the clarion call of the truly desperate club. They were at their loudest at Notts County in 2004, who have also caught the zeitgeist by grabbing some millionaire owners from the, ahem, “Middle East”.

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Hyde United Approach The Gallows

Blue Square North side Hyde United have been wound up in court this week, and the closure of a smaller club is no great surprise. What now, then, for the descendants of the club that once lost 26-0 in the FA Cup?

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One Of The Richest Cities In England And One Of The Poorest Clubs

There was a good reason why, when Parker Brothers were deciding upon a UK-wide version of the board game “Monopoly”, they chose St Albans to represent the coveted Mayfair spot. The Hertfordshire city has become one of the most become one of the most expensive cities in the south of England, with housing prices said to be amongst the highest in the country outside London and average incomes matching it. The irony, therefore, is all the more sharpened with the crisis involving its local football club, St Albans City of the Blue Square South, where a crisis involving the clubs owners, the construction company William Verry Ltd. The irony of one of England’s most affluent cities being the home of a club that seems to lurch from occasional financial crisis to occasional financial crisis isn’t lost on the club’s supporters. St Albans City is a football club that should have it all. In the middle of a well-to-do county with few local predators (Watford and Luton Town are equally far apart and both are a bit of a pain to get to, while Stevenage Borough are miles away on the opposite side of the county), they should be able to attract a decent support. This isn’t the way that things have worked out, though. The club has always suffered from something of an image problem, and the glittering lights...

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