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Dr Assem Allam Writes His Own Legacy At Hull City

Dr Assem Allam is not a young man. At seventy-four years old, we might have expected him to start taking things a little easier at his time of life, to spend a little more time with the Daily Telegraph’s cryptic crossword, tending to his garden and feeding the birds in the park, but one of the more unfortunate traits of the sort of capitalist baron of which Allam is a prime example is that the pursuit of money, status and respect never seems to have a retirement age, and in the case of Allam this seems to be married to an unshakeable desire to get his own way and say exactly what he’s thinking at any given time. Allam now seems to consider himself to be only true voice of Hull City AFC, but his absolute and utter contempt for anybody that intends to stand in his way with regard to the rebranding of the club that he purchased in December 2010 has plumbed new depths this morning with an interview in the Independent on Sunday in which he described supporters protesting against his plan to change the name to Hull Tigers as “hooligans”, warned that he will put the club up for sale if supporters do not accept what he apparently seems to be believe is his “authority”, and stated that supporters who are vociferously protesting against his...

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Hull City Supporters Make Their Voices Heard

Football clubs have always, in the main, been run as fiefdoms. From the late Victorian era and the likes of John Houlding at Liverpool through to his obvious descendents, such as Doug Ellis and Ken Bates, there has always been an element of ‘my way or the highway’ about club owners, but in the twenty-first century, when we demand greater transparency, in particular with regard to clubs being run for the benefit of their supporters, examples of true autocracy have a tendency to look all the more jarring. Indeed, perhaps the only thing more jarring than this is the sight of those who accept the edicts of those who are richers and betters – which seems destined to become this century’s equivalent of ‘elders and betters’ – without question. Over the last couple of seasons, this sort of absolute rule has made something of a return in professional football after a few years on the wane, most notably at Cardiff City, where an entire soap opera could be based upon a combination of what we know for sure and conjecture which doesn’t sound as ridiculous as it should do. There remains a protest at Cardiff City, of course, against the debasement of the club’s identity and about the increasingly freakish rumours concerning the actions those running the club, but the sheer white noise that comes with merely being in...

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Hull City Are No Longer Being Rebranded By Stealth

This was, as we noted before when discussing this subject, supposed to be a time when the supporters of Hull City AFC were supposed to be getting excited at the prospect of a return to the Premier League, but any feelings of anticipation have, on the part of many, now been replaced by anger at the news that the club is actively seeking to rebrand itself as ‘Hull City Tigers’ for its first season back. When we first reported on this three weeks ago, it felt scarcely felt credible that the club would seem to alienate and anger its fan-base by seeking such a change on the sly whilst making ameliorating noises in the press about wishing to preserve the club’s history. There cannot have been a single person amongst the club’s senior management who wasn’t aware of how this tackiness was likely to be received by supporters of the club, yet they did anyway. The only reasonable conclusion that the muddied statements made by the club over the last few weeks and months were made with a degree of disingenuity. The club had the whole of the summer to make this decision. Why wait until little more than a week before the start of the season before formally announcing the decision? It has been reported that season tickets have already been returned by furious supporters. How many season...

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