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Horsham: At Home, And Away 

A little under a quarter of a century ago, my sister moved to Horsham. She married a man, had two children, and has lived there happily ever since. A little over a decade later, with me having decamped at first to London, and then to Brighton, my parents joined her, moving to a house about a mile away from hers. I have a family of my own, now, living twenty miles away in Worthing, on the coast. Horsham, however, remains enigmatic to me. It’s the first town or city that we haven’t all called home, and even after more...

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Send My Regards To Queen Street

It was only three months ago that Horsham FC briefly made national news headlines after holding League One Swansea City to a 1-1 draw in the Second Round of the FA Cup. They lost the replay 6-2, but made a substantial amount of money from their run. Back in the present day, however, the club is engulfed in a crisis that threatens its very future, and the overwhelming impression that one gets, having looked at what is going on in some detail, is that the people running the club have some very difficult questions to have to answer. The Hornets’ problems started a couple of years, when they sold the site of their existing home, Queen Street, to Persimmon Homes for development. The club identified the site of the Holbrook Sports & Social club as being ideal for a new ground. The site houses a social club and several sports pitches already, after all. However, it is in the middle of a residential area, and the local community there has fought tooth and nail to prevent the club from gaining planning permission to build there. As it stands, final planning permission has yet to be granted, and there is no chance of them moving in there before 2010. At a glance, this looks like an easily resolvable problem – Horsham sits on the Surrey/Sussex border, and there is no...

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