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A Rash Of Non-League Cancellations Causes More Than Mere Disruption

The postponement of matches has become, in recent years, something of a rite of passage for any non-league football club on the point of financial collapse. It has become an apt metaphor for the state of a club – in such a desperate position that it is unable even to pay to get to an away match or raise a team – and its significance hasn’t, in previous years, been lost upon those that regulate the game, either. For football clubs that have lurched from crisis to crisis, this has proved to be point at which the banging of nails into its coffin lids. It had been considered that “failing to fulfil a fixture” was about as serious a crime as a football club could commit in the ordinary course of a season, a line in the sand which, if we may be permitted to mix our metaphors for a moment, also served as something of a line in the sand. It spelt, usually, if not quite the absolute end of a football club, then at least the beginning of its death throes. This season, however, has seen something different. There doesn’t appear to have been a memo on the subject, but an increasing number of non-league clubs are finding that having matches called off is not quite the beginning of the end that it might previously have been....

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The AGM cup 2012 – Mystic Rhys predicts

It’s the end of the season, and York City have won the final playoff game to secure their return football league. Now, the process of positioning teams in various leagues will begin in a process jokingly referred to as the AGM Cup. Always controversial, the Football Conference AGM decides who gets placed into various leagues in the Conference system (Conference Premier, North & South). With teams struggling to make ends meet, and the ever shifting North/South borderline, the AGM does throw up a few surprises now and again. Although teams technically could be affected by the AGM (Hereford, Macclesfield Town, Woking, Hyde, Chester amongst others) are nigh on guaranteed to be in the leagues they were promoted from or relegated to, this article will look into those teams that’s future is a lot less certain. In this article, I will look to my crystal ball and attempt to predict Steps 1 and 2 of the non-league system next year. Although step 1 itself is fairly secure, step 2 is a lot less predictable. I will look at the big players in their AGM Cup and will attempt to predict which league they will play in next year. Darlington Although now a little more financially secure than they were when previous owner Raj Singh placed them into administration, thanks to the DFC 1883 group, the club has appeared to have...

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The Twohundredpercent Pre-Season Predictions: Conference North

Last year was pretty clear cut in the Conference North, Alfreton were pretty much definitely going up despite having a ridiculous backlog of games, the play-off places were fairly clear early on and Redditch were dropping like a stone from around February time, but this season it looks set to be a bit closer at both ends of the table and closer still in the middle. Along with relegated Altrincham and Histon there are the promoted pair of Colwyn Bay and FC Halifax, and the 22nd most northern team at Step 2 – Bishop’s Stortford, shifted over the north/south divide in the fall-out from Rushden and Diamonds’ demise. Bishop’s Stortford, like Histon and like Worcester before them will soon wise up to the difference between the two Step 2 leagues (Gloucester have only ever known the Northern side of the imaginary moving line which hovers over the Conference’s map). PROMOTION CONTENDERS It would be hard to bet against  FC Halifax Town being somewhere near the top of the table, The new boys have bulldozered their way back up the table and boast hot-shot striker Jamie Vardy as one of their key assets and laughed off an offer from Stockport to take him of their hands for a rumoured £50,000. Manager Neil Aspin has made a few key signings and if the Shaymen are as good as all their fans claim...

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Match Of The Week: Histon 0-0 Altrincham

Histon and Altrincham sit in twelfth and eleven place in the Blue Square Premier respectively. Three weeks before Christmas, they met in the Cambridgeshire rain with half an eye on the play-off places and the other on the bottom of the table. The result wasn’t the greatest game of the season.

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Sign My Son & I Might Lend You Some Money

When Blue Square Premier club Histon spoke to an investor about putting some more money into the club, he agreed, but with a rather peculiar clause which the club decided not to take him up on. Will clubs like Histon cut their cloth accordingly, or is this just the start of a new trend?

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