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Keith Alexander: 1956-2010

At the time of writing, England are about to kick off against Egypt in their first friendly match of 2010. This is football as a peculiar mix of Hollywood and pantomime, a story that often seems to have very little to do with what goes on during the matches themselves. It’s a world that frequently feels alien. Away from this, however, there is a whole other world of football going on, a world in which people give up their youth, their other aspirations, relationships and families because they believe in the game. Often away from the spotlight and the wilder excesses of the game, the people that inhabit this world are often easily dismissed as “journeymen”, but they are crucial to our narrative of football. We lost one of them last night. Neither Keith Alexander’s playing career nor his managerial career scaled, as some might put it, the heights. As a player, he spent fourteen years in non-league football before going on to enjoy something of an Indian summer in the Football League with Grimsby Town and Mansfield Town, whilst winning a handful of caps at international level for St Lucia. It was not, however, his playing career that marks out his significance in the game, rather the managerial career that followed it, a managerial career that lasted from 1993 until right up until his death at the tragically...

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Match Of The Week – Grimsby Town 1-2 Darlington

Wikipedia describes purgatory as “the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment in which the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for heaven”. Such a condition may not have been the intention of the Football League when they imposed their points deductions upon Luton Town, AFC Bournemouth and Rotherham United during the summer, but this has been the effect of the decision upon supporters of Grimsby Town this season. Were it not for the sanctions imposed by the Football League, Grimsby would already have been cast adrift at the foot of League Two but, as things stand, they face a lengthy wait to see if they can maintain the status that they have held since 1892. Going into today’s match, they haven’t won in the League in twenty-one matches, and are already the only club in the top ninety-two not to have won a single league match. As if this state of affairs isn’t bad enough, Grimsby’s supporters have to cope with their local rivals being arguably more successful than they have ever been before. Ten years ago, Grimsby were in the Championship, whilst Hull City were bottom of the entire Football League. This weekend, Grimsby are being kept away from the relegation places by the grace of God, whilst Hull City are travelling to Old Trafford to run Manchester United...

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Easter Shopping Options

On the 30th March, Grimsby Town take on Milton Keynes Dons in the final of the Johnstones Paint Trophy at Wembley Stadium. Now, if you’ve been reading this site for any period of time, you’ll know my opinion on Milton Keynes and, indeed, the freaks that have started following them, and I’m not going to restate it yet again (my official policy at present is something like, “if we all ignore them, they might just go away”). However, the outstanding independent Grimsby supporters site Cod Almighty seem to have stated the viewpoint of the average English football supporter with this rather natty T-shirt. Says it all really – with £1 from each sale going to the Grimsby Town Supporters Trust and £1 from each sale going to the Dons Trust (that’s Wimbledon, not Milton Keynes), I suggest buying...

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