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Evans & Crawley Town: Very Little Season Of Goodwill

Seldom has there been a less savoury title for a specific football match than The Split Testicle Match, but this is the name that has been given to the Boxing Day League Two match between Crawley Town and Gillingham, in which the visiting side’s Chris Whelpdale suffered an injury, of which only the most cursory of descriptions may have sent many males wincing and clutching their groins. Even this most unfortunate of injuries, however, seems likely to be overshadowed by a story concerning the events of the match and, most specifically, the managers of the two sides, Gillingham’s Andy Hessenthaler and the Crawley Town manager – and an old bête noire of this site – Steve Evans. This bad-tempered match saw Gillingham surprise the League Two leaders with a win by two goals to one, and Crawley’s disappointment was compounded by the first half dismissal of Claude Davis. In spite of this, they took the lead before half-time before two goals in three minutes at the start of the second half from Jo Kuffour sent all three points back to Kent. Three supporters – two from Gillingham and one from Crawley – were also ejected from the ground, but the bad temper, which was exacerbated by Crawley turning the floodlights off while the visiting side were still completing their post-match warm-down, spilled over after the match with a row between the...

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Match Of The Midweek: Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0 Gillingham

The real party, of course, was on Saturday. Brighton & Hove Albion marked their arrival at The Amex Community Stadium with a late, late win against Doncaster Rovers, but the celebrations continued this evening with a narrow win against Gillingham of League Two. After fourteen years waiting, though, could the new stadium possibly live up to expectations? So much has been emotionally invested in this new arena that it felt plausible to believe that its grandiosity might have been overstated. Could this possibly be the case? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. It is, perhaps, a symbol of the effect that this building has had on the football club and its home town that the train out to Falmer at shortly after 6.00 this evening was full to standing room only. Upon arrival, after a journey lasting just eight minutes, one is swept around, over a bridge and along towards the entrance to the ground. Nothing can quite prepare you for your first sight of it at close range. Brighton is, for the want of a better phrase, good at curves, from the faux-Raj stylings of the Pavilion to the elegant, sweeping design of the main railway station. This design, however, is very much of the twenty-first century and the welcome – from staff, police and stewards alike – is warm and welcoming. There was plenty of...

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Andy D’Urso, Gillingham & A Man On A Roof

When a man climbed on the roof of a community gallery in East London this morning, the police had to close the road and this had unexpected ramifications on tonight’s League One match between Leyton Orient and Gillingham. It proved to be a very long night for the away supporters.

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