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Football League Review: A Fool’s Errands

Trying to predict anything in a league as volatile as the Championship can be a fool’s errand. In the days immediately leading up to the start of the season, the sudden decision of Wolverhampton Wanderers to jettison manager Kenny Jackett and replace him with Walter Zenga, a man with a patchy managerial record and no experience of the peculiar slog that this division requires whatsoever, seemed like a counter-intuitive one. On Saturday afternoon, however, his team jumped to third place in the table after a sparkling second half performance was enough to cruise past Birmingham City after Birmingham had...

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Football League Review: Meet the new Leeds, same as the old Leeds

It can be easy to forget just how quickly that pre-season optimism can burn up and vanish in the wind. This summer has seen the return of an old trope in the Football League Championship, that the division’s new arrivals are grand that they will merely waltz back into Premier League through only having to step onto the pitch to prove their apparent superiority. This may yet happen. One match, after all, is not very much with which we can build a hypothesis for the forty-five that will follow. But for two of those who fell through the trapdoor...

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