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Match Of The Week: England 2-1 Ukraine

A bullet dodged and a banana skin avoided, then. England took a big step towards qualifying for the finals of the 2010 World Cup last night, but their performance raised as many questions as it answered, and Ukraine will fly...

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The Intractable Problem Of England Goalkeepers

When the concept of the Premier League was being sold to a sceptical (though, with the benefit of hindsight, not sceptical enough) public in the early 1990s, the benefit to the England team was pushed hard. Off the back of the...

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Team works

A quick note to all the journalists who have spent the last week and a half expounding just how far Emile Heskey has come on as a player in the last few seasons: he hasn’t.  He’s just as good (or, indeed, bad) as...

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