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Match Of The Midweek: Algeria 1-0 Egypt

It’s the derby of North Africa and the stakes couldn’t be higher – a play-off match in Sudan for a place in the World Cup finals in South Africa next year. Will the apolcayptic predictions of some in the press come to pass, or will we merely see which of these relative under-achievers will get through?

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The Confederations Cup: Egypt 1-0 Italy

On a night like tonight, one has to wonder whether there is something wrong at the heart of the psyche of the Italian national football team. They stand alone amongst the Great Football Nations in that they are prone to these...

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The Confederations Cup: Brazil 4-3 Egypt

There is a reason why matches like this one are rare.  More, perhaps, is the pity.  But it is not just bull-headed, brass-necked conservative imperialism which sees 50 percent of the ten South American teams qualifying for the...

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