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Charlton & Doncaster Experience Nice Weather For Ducks

To get the cliché of a joke out of the way both quickly and early on, it is perhaps appropriate that the first match of the new season to be abandoned on account of the weather should have come on the Saturday of an August Bank Holiday weekend. Not, of course, that this will diminish the sense of disappointment felt by the supporters of Doncaster Rovers, whose trip to London to play Charlton Athletic in the Championship yesterday afternoon ended in soggy farce with the match being called off thanks to a waterlogged pitch at half-time with their team leading by three goals to one. The three Doncaster goals came in the first half of the first half, with Paul Keegan giving them the lead after two minutes and Chris Brown adding a further two goals to send the South Yorkshire club coasting to a three-goal lead before inclement conditions kicked in and made their influence felt. Three minutes after Brown scored Rovers’ third goal, play was suspended with the pitch being practically unplayable, and the crowd was then treated to the somewhat bizarre sight of the Doncaster ground-staff and two of the team’s players out on the pitch with pitchforks, prodding the ground and trying to rid it of its excess water. It looked for a little while as if this plan might have actually borne fruit when...

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Doncaster Rovers Lead The Way On Fan Engagement

You’ll have heard a lot this season on the disconnect between supporters and clubs these days. Some, however, are trying to reverse that trend – here’s Andy Ollerenshaw on how Doncaster Rovers are trying to re-engage with their supporters. On the 22nd of March 2013 it was announced that West Ham United will become tenants of the Olympic Stadium. Alongside the footage of all the mutual back-slapping led by Boris Johnson and Karren Brady, an outraged West Ham fan stood outside the Boleyn Ground clearly unhappy with the decision. Barely holding back tears she complained “they haven’t consulted the fans about the move… as far as the club [West Ham United] are concerned, fans don’t matter”. In recent months this sentiment has been aired regularly by football supporters, whether the subject is ticket prices, fixture changes, club re-branding or a more esoteric disenchantment with ‘modern football’. There is a shared feeling that fans in the Premier League and Football League are being increasingly marginalised by the clubs they support.  Fans now have a louder voice than ever before through Supporters Trusts and organisations such as the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporter’s Direct and the use of social media, but there is increasing criticism that clubs to do not listen to what they have to say. But some clubs are listening. In the past five years or so there has...

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Match Of The Past: Doncaster Rovers

We continue our series of archived matches of the clubs of Football League One today with Doncaster Rovers, and six matches from the two decades between 1985 and 2005, kicking off with their trip to Goodison Park to play Everton in the Fourth Round of the FA Cup in January 1985. Next up is a match from two years later, and Belle Vue is packed to see them play a Middlesbrough team at the cusp of promotion. Our third match sees Doncaster travel to Edgeley Park to play Stockport County, a match which ended in defeat but features them taking the lead thanks to a quite brilliant solo goal. The club’s near-complete financial collapse after this has been well-documented, and it led to the club tumbling out of the Football league. Our next match is a home match against Farnborough Town, and this is followed by a match away to Mansfield Town from 2004. Finally, we have a match from after their return to the Football League, a home match from the League Cup against Aston Villa from 2005. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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Doncaster Rovers’ Blip Cannot Mask A Miraculous Ten Years

It had been a long time coming and there will be those who believe that there was an air of inevitability about it, but when the relegation of Doncaster Rovers from the Championship last weekend, it came with a degree of controversy that only the end of the domestic football season can bring. The battle for Doncaster last weekend was already an uphill one – rooted to the bottom of the table, they needed to win all of their remaining matches in order to secure a fifth season of football in England’s second division, but a questionable red card and two goals in stoppage time meant that Portsmouth (who went into the match in an identical situation to them) managed to keep their season alive for another week while the home side fell through the trapdoor. Whilst Doncaster supporters were perhaps right to question the refereeing decisions that eventually sealed the clubs fate, though, there had been an air of inevitability hanging over this relegation for much of the season, and its final confirmation may also be a cloud with one silver lining – the end one of this season’s more questionable experiments in team management. The arrival of the agent Willie McKay at The Keepmoat Stadium as autumn turned to winter last year was, depending on your opinion, either an act of desperation from a club that already...

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Doncaster Rovers & The Agent: A High-Risk Transfer Policy?

Of all the people that have come to encircle modern football in recent years, few have received the levels of vituperation that players’ agents have. It often feels as if nothing good comes from their involvement in the game, but this hasn’t stopped their influence expanding dramatically in recent years and it seems more likely than not that this sphere of influence will continue to grow as contractual matters between players and clubs become more and more complex. This week, however, a great leap forward in the influence of the agent has been made with the news that one such agent, Willie McKay, will be in charge of the transfers in and out of Championship club Doncaster Rovers for the next two years. McKay’s involvement with the club may certainly explain the curious exit of manager Sean O’Driscoll last month. Club chairman John Ryan had, just a couple of days earlier, stated publically that O’Driscoll’s job was safe. His replacement, the former Wrexham manager Dean Saunders, is a client of McKay, and the handling of the removal of O’Driscoll and his replacement by Saunders certainly raised eyebrows in South Yorkshire at the time. The question now is one of whether McKay’s radical “experiment” (at least, we can console ourselves, he has stopped short of calling it a “project”) will save the club’s season, or whether it will merely serve...

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