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Coventry City’s Summer Of FUD

Things don’t get any easier for League One club Coventry City, whose owners continue to make pronouncements on its behalf even though the administrator is supposed to be in charge of the stricken club.

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Anticipated Outcomes For Coventry City

So it turns out that the most obvious explanation is exactly that for obvious reasons, in this case. The Football League, an organisation which has become highly attuned to people trying to game the system over the last ten years or so, passed its verdict on Coventry City today and that verdict was as expected: a ten point deduction with immediate effect which effectively ends the club’s already faltering chances of making the League One play-offs at the end of this season. Considering that, whilst the team’s improvement on the pitch has been dramatic considering the dismal start to the season that it endured, it still hadn’t managed to worm its way into the top six in the division yet this season and the fact that the punishment might have been considerably worse had those looking at it taken a less charitable viewpoint on what has been happening at the club over the last few months, the club’s owners, SISU, may well, despite their statement this afternoon expressing their ‘disappointment’ at the League’s verdict, have cause for believing that they have got off somewhat lightly today. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are completely out of the woods yet. If there is one thing that has happened as a result of the considerable coverage that this story has received during a relative lull in the football calendar, it has...

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