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Coventry City: Roles & Responsibilities, Part Two

We will, at a later date, go into the increasingly farcical situation regarding the registration of players of Coventry City, which company may or may not have owned what, and what this may mean, not only for the administration process at the club but also for how thee Football League has dealt with this all. Recent confusion over who was registered where at Coventry City led to this predictably bullish statement from the club over the Football League’s comments on the subject: As the club has consistently maintained, the players contracts have been registered by CCFC (Holdings) Ltd and registered by the Football League in the name of Holdings for over 10 years – way before Sisu took over the club. Despite claims to the contrary, it should also come as no surprise to many of those who have been involved for many years at a senior level at the club and ACL – including former directors and a finance director – that this was the case. To be clear, players have been contracted to CCFC (Holdings) Ltd and registered as such by the Football League since well before Sisu’s takeover when the club was relegated from the Premier League. So, how does tie in with the below document, which seems to indicate that as recently as 2010 CCFC Ltd was quite clearly involved with a situation concerning monies...

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Here Comes The Judge: Coventry City & The Judicial Review

It has been another long few days for the supporters of Coventry City Football Club, but this evening, as the club’s team plays its second competitive match of the season at Leyton Orient in the Football League Cup, there are, for the first time, signs that the balance of power in terms of the future of the club might even be starting to tilt back into the balance for the first time. At the end of last week, the CVA that had been proposed by administrator Paul Appleton and the Otium Entertainment Group, one of the myriad of SISU-related companies that have come to be indistinguishable to such an extent that we will, for the purposes of brevity, refer to them all as “SISU”, was rejected by the owners of The Ricoh Arena, ACL, and HMRC. The overblown statements made by Tim Fisher last week, one of which, “They’ve run us up against a cliff edge of liquidation and they’ve moved to tip us over,” was such that it was almost impossible to read without collapsing into a fit of giggles, then had no effect, and now Coventry City Football Club Limited will be liquidated. This didn’t stop the Football League from approving the transfer of ownership of the “Golden Share” – which transfers the right to play in the League from one entity to another – into Otium’s...

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