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The 200% World Cup: The Group D Final Round – Live!

As with both of yesterday’s group finales, this afternoon’s pair of matches feature three teams battling over the two qualification spots and one useless team who are already out. In Group D, the useless team are of course England, a source of great pride for everyone back at home. However, the World Cup is always better for getting rid of the chaff and besides, a much-changed England team can still affect today’s action even if it isn’t in their own favour. Their opponents, Costa Rica, are already through to the knockout stages for only the second time in their history,...

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The 200% World Cup: World Cup Breakfast, Day 9 – Switzerland: The 6th Best Team In The World

In the first place, there was a common acceptance in England that defeat at the hands of Uruguay on Thursday night equalled a de facto elimination from the World Cup finals for England, but over the following twelve hours, a new narrative started to be written. Ignoring the evidence of their own eyes from last weekend, some journalists attempted to persuade us that Costa Rica might be terrible after all and that Italy would lay them to waste and put England right back into contention in time for the final found of group matches in Brazil. By seven o’clock...

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The 200% World Cup: Italy vs Costa Rica – Live!

Group D’s second round of matches draws to a close with this encounter, between the two leaders. Before last night, you might have suggested that Italy – who saw off a talented England side in their first game – would very much have the edge against Costa Rica – who rallied to beat a very sub-par Uruguay. But now, who knows? Maybe it’s Italy who should be entering into this game feeling all the trepidation. The only other possibility is that Uruguay were rotten in their first match and much better in the second while England did it in...

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The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression, number 7

As the noted philosopher Chris Martin from Coldplay says, “everything’s not lost”. Only England could be so down and out yet do it in such a way that there is still a sliver of hope. After all, it’s the hope that kills you and as another noted philosopher stated last night, supporting England isn’t supposed to be easy. Still, as higher mathematicians everywhere are pointing out, the fat lady has not yet sung for England. But there’s every chance it’s just because she’s been delayed in traffic. For the most optimistic among you, our resident Emeritus Professor of Hard Sums...

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