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100 Owners: No.97 – Graham White (Colne Dynamoes)

We have, in recent years, become rather too accustomed to a boom and bust culture in football, particularly at clubs in the lower divisions. Few clubs, however, have ever boomed and busted with the speed of Colne Dynamoes, and it is the man that was responsible for this, Graham White, who takes the number ninety-seven position on our list. Dynamoes filled almost every stereotype that we have come to expect from this genre of club, but they did it more lavishly than any other. There was, however, one small problem with the money that was poured into a former Sunday League club from a tiny town in East Lancashire. None of it was spent on the boring stuff – the infrastructure required to ensure that a club can propel its way up through the divisions of the non-league pyramid. Rather than this, White blew money on wages, wages and more wages, and when the inconvenience of ground-grading raised what should have been an easily predictable problem, he pulled the plug and the club went down the drain. White himself had founded the club in 1963 for himself and some old school-friends. For the first two decades of its existence, it bounced inconsequentially around the amateur leagues in Lancashire but in 1982 it became one of the founder members of the North West Counties League. The club was promoted from...

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Dynamoes Were Not Go

In West Yorkshire, a name from the past is stirring, and it isn’t doing it in a terribly dignified manner. Bradford Park Avenue, the subjects of a fond article on here before, have starting flexing their financial muscles and have already managed get themselves instated as the favourites for this season’s Unibond League Premier Division championship, and now their millionaire chairman has announced plans to build a 20,000 seater stadium for them. Never mind the fact that Bradford’s average crowds haven’t yet risen above 500 people for home matches. Never mind the fact that their considerably bigger rivals, Bradford City, only required a capacity of a shade over 20,000 when they were in the Premier League. Never mind that the original Bradford Park Avenue collapsed in the early 1970s thanks to a lack of local interest with crowds in their final season in the Northern Premier League in 1973/74 seldom reaching more than 600. Their millionaire chairman, Bob Blackburn, has decided that they deserve a 20,000 capacity stadium, so they will have it – and he’s a millionaire, so he must be right, mustn’t he? Well, Bradford supporters are getting very excited about the possibility of their team challenging for the place in the Football League that the original club lost in 1970, but a cautionary tale from just the other side of the Pennines might just persuade their...

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