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Why Chorley Supporters Will Be Home Alone On Saturday

We have noted on here before that non-league football can be a hand to mouth existence for many clubs, all of which makes the recent behaviour of Northern Premier League club Chorley FC in relation to the ticketing and policing arrangements for their match against FC United of Manchester on Saturday even more perplexing than they might otherwise be. Chorley are due to be playing FC United in the league on Saturday, but there will be only one set of supporters present for the match, following the decision of the FC United board not to take up their allocation of just five hundred and thirty tickets for the match – a decision which, it should be added, has been almost unanimously approved by the supporters of the club itself. The root to this story, somewhat ironically, is to be found in a match played at Chorley earlier this year against Chester FC in Division One North of the Northern Premier League. With both teams near the top of the table, a large crowd turned out at Chorley’s Victory Park, but inadequate arrangements on the day meant that there was considerable disturbance both inside and outside the ground. Anecdotal evidence at the time suggested that a sizeable proportion of the trouble on the day was caused by supporters of other clubs that had decided to “adopt” Chorley for the day,...

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The (Possibly Un)Welcome Return Of Non-League Videos Of The Week

The Football League begins its new season next weekend, but non-league football doesn’t begin again for a couple of weeks. With this in mind, it’s time to take a quick look around how some clubs are doing in their pre-season friendlies. All of these matches are from the last couple of weeks and, it has to be said, we have no details on how strong the teams taking part in these matches my or may not have been. Anyway, as a teaser for the start of the new season, here’s a quick look at: York City vs Hartlepool United, Woking vs Charlton Athletic, Bury Town vs Colchester United, Chorley vs Bolton Wanderers and Mansfield Town vs Notts County. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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The Twohundredpercent Play-Off Jamboree: Chorley FC And The Evostik League Play-Offs

Chorley FC finished the season in third place in Division One North of the Evostik League, and the inimitable Mark Critchley was there to watch – if not exactly remember – their play-off semi-final against Curzon Ashton. Ever pondered over whether a cake can epitomise a whole town? If so, help yourself to psychiatry. If not, then cock your ear. Hundreds of years ago last Tuesday, one man took a region’s most celebrated moist delight, the Eccles cake, and thought he could improve upon it. If it ain’t broke, knick it. After all, every burgeoning entrepreneur can be afforded a swipe at success and swipe that man did – dusting the hallowed sugar coating off the top; unveiling it as his own ‘Fly Pie’ and somehow rendering that lump of viscous dough-smash even less palatable than it already was. That man, some say pioneer, was from the Lancashire town of Chorley and his sobering, denta-friendly revolution slab became known as ‘the Chorley cake’, available from all good patisseries and petrol stations to this very minute. Ever since then it seems the town has only followed his methods to the teaspoon. Chorley steals everything that’s sweet in life, and knocks the sugar off the top. From spending my childhood growing up there, I know that. And yet, vogue though it may be for guilt-laden, socio-economically comfortable sorts to exaggerate the...

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