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Chester City’s Administration & Stephen Vaughan

There are some football clubs that seem to be in a perpetual state of flux and crisis. One such club is Chester City where, over the last two decades or so, there has been mismanagement on such a grand scale that one wonders how unlucky a club can be to have run into such problems so regularly. Chester have already been relegated once from the Football League and won promotion back, but they were relegated again last season and it seems unlikely that they will be able to repeat the trick. With the club’s current playing staff reportedly down to single figures and an embargo brought in by the Professional Footballers Association meaning that they cannot sign experienced replacements, their outlook looks bleak. The major question now is exactly how bleak this future will be. The club went into administration at the end last week, the final chapter in an agonising season during which they were the worst team in the Football League (they were kept from bottom place by Luton Town’s thirty point deduction). There is, however, a wider issue at stake here regarding the Football Association’s rather limp definition of who may be defined as being “fit and proper” to run a football club, since the club’s chairman, Stephen Vaughan, has a little bit of “previous” with regard to the mismanagement of football clubs. Supporters of Barrow...

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Short Stories From The Sharp End

A loss of the ability to see past the end of their noses is one of the more repugnant character traits of the modern football supporter. While the media were treating Chelsea’s absurd claims that “UEFA has got the European Cup final that it wanted” (as a commentator on here this morning pointed out, shame on the BBC in particular for peddling this particular lie on “Breakfast” this morning), clubs were in the process of dying. It brings me no great pleasure in saying this, but the more apocalyptic visions of some observers could well come to pass this summer and no-one seems to care. Here, then, is a brief summary of some of the worst-hit clubs in English football at the moment. Darlington: We wrote a little about Darlington earlier on in the season, when they became the first Football League club in England this season to go into administration. Since then, the club’s manager David Penney left for Oldham Athletic and his assistant Martin Gray has been made redundant, along with nine of the club’s backroom staff, leaving just five full-time staff at the club. A charity match played last weekend to raise funds to keep the club alive attracted a crowd of just 3,500 and raised just £25,000, and a deadline for bids to buy the club passed on Tuesday evening with no new buyer having...

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Match Of The Week: AFC Bournemouth 1-0 Chester City

It’s not what we’d want, this points deduction business, but it is making the bottom of League Two very interesting indeed. There is a definite feeling that, having seen the points deductions handed out to AFC Bournemouth, Rotherham United and Luton Town, many other participants in that particular division decided that they fancied a year off. The trouble with this theory is that the clubs at the bottom of the table have made a reasonably good job of catching up. Rotherham United managed to get their heads above water in October and have crawled above Grimsby Town. Bournemouth got to zero with a 3-3 draw at Luton last Tuesday, and Luton themselves are only seven points away from what has become a mystical figure at the foot of League Two this season. Chester City are in the pack of clubs that have been looking nervously over their shoulders for the last two weeks, but the suspicion is that they have more pressing concerns than this season’s relegation battle to worry about. The supporters of the club are in a state of something approaching a state of civil war over the activities of the Supporters Trust (two members of the Trust Board there have recently resigned), while the club’s owner, Steve Vaughan, has recently put the club up for sale. Crowds have dropped to an average of under 2,000, with...

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