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Non-League Week: Bromsgrove Get A Sporting Chance

As we get ready to enter Non-League Day, we are nearing the beginning of the end of a farcical ten month period in the history of football in the Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove. Recent years have seen a number of long standing clubs cease to exist, and in most cases a new club has been formed to keep the interest of the fans, and the spirit of the club alive in the respective town or city. Most of these clubs have experienced teething troubles of one sort or another and a lot of these clubs haven’t been able to return immediately to their spiritual home (if they were able to return there at all). There have been a few exceptions to that rule, as clubs such as AFC Telford United and FC Halifax Town have been able to continue playing where their previous team “left off”, so to speak. Another one of those clubs, who appeared to have “retained” their ground were Bromsgrove Sporting. Bromsgrove Sporting were formed out of what would become the ashes out of Bromsgrove Rovers, who were expelled from the Southern League earlier this month. Rovers have spent the last ten years with problems emanating from various owners, including the unpopular proposal to “merge” the club with Redditch United (which would have seen the merged side take Redditch’s place in the Conference North, wear Rovers’...

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A Marriage Of Inconvenience

After the forced decampment of Wimbledon to Milton Keynes, we thought, perhaps, “never again”. That was six years ago, but football franchising is raising its ugly head again. This time, however, the rumour mill is coming from the Conference North, with the distinct possibility starting to appear of one club trying to buy out their local rivals in a tawdry attempt to get two promotions without even having to kick a ball, even the whole thing is being marketed as a “merger”. In Worcestershire, of all places, a plan is being concocted that will wipe one club from the face of the earth and put its biggest rivals in their place. Supporters of both clubs are now up in arms, and such is the level of anger from both sides of the divide that it seems unlikely that the club that gets parachuted in above its level will be able to establish itself. As ever in modern football, however, money and ego seem to be the driving factors, with ethics the best interests of the supporters of the clubs concerned being left very much on the back burner. Redditch United were founded in 1891 as Redditch Town, and played fairly anonymously in regional leagues in the Midlands until they joined the newly-expanded Southern League Midland Division in 1972. They joined the newly-formed Alliance Premier League (later to be branded...

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