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Video of the Day: Bristol City vs Blackpool, September 1967

Just as we all get older, so do the recollections of the past get dimmer as time progresses. There may be some younger readers who do not quite follow why Blackpool is a name that means something to supporters of a certain age. The team of Stanley Matthews, Stan Mortensen and Bill Perry. Winners of perhaps the most dramatic FA Cup final of all-time. Blackpool were of a generation of Lancashire clubs who would never come to see their status quite so high again. Those tangerine shirts told a story, each and every one. In 1967, that feeling was...

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Video of The Day: Bristol City vs Chelsea, January 1990

It was one of the most precipitous nosedives that any English football club has ever seen. Bristol City were a First Division club in May 1980, before relegation after four years in the top flight. After a two further successive drops through the trapdoor, by May 1982 the club was looking at starting the following season in the Football League’s basement division, as well as staring bankruptcy in the face. Slowly but surely, however, the club regained its poise and by the end of the 1980s the club was pushing for promotion back to the second tier of the...

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It’s Tough At The Bottom: Few Signs Of Panic Yet At Bristol City

They know a thing or two about precipitous falls at Ashton Gate. In the years between 1976 and 1980, Bristol City lived the high life in the First Division of the Football League, but cost of staying there for that amount of time proved to be ruinous. Between 1980 and 1982 the club set a most unwanted record, becoming the first club to drop from the First to the Second to the Third to the Fourth Division in consecutive seasons before topping it all by – in the days before companies could be rescued by the get-out clause of a Company Voluntary Arrangement – going bust in the summer of 1982. Finishing last season fourteen points from safety at the foot of the Championship and continuing to struggle into this season isn’t anywhere near that level, at least. Last night, though,the club returned to the foot of League One after Notts County hauled themselves up a spot with a win against Oldham Athletic at Meadow Lane. No-one would think for a second that the club’s recent difficulties on the pitch are anything like the existence-threatening state in which it found itself three decades ago, but unease could be forgiven for growing at Ashton Gate at the team’s apparent inability to shake off a losing habit, especially after finally recording a first league win of the season at Brunton Park...

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Match Of The Past: Bristol City

This morning, we continue our series of video archive matches of the clubs of the Football League Championship with Bristol City, and six matches from the years between 1976 and 1996. First up sees the club in the First Division for the first time since 1911, ad facing a trip to Highbury to play Arsenal in 1976. This match is followed up by a match from three years later from Ashton Gate against Liverpool. The club lasted four years in the First Division before getting relegated in 1980. Two summers later, the club was freshly relegated to the Fourth Division and trying to off-load eight players – the “Ashton Gate Eight” – in order to stay afloat. Our third match comes from a period during which the club was starting to recover from these dark days and it is, as is one other match from our selection, a local derby match against Bristol Rovers. We then skip forward another to years to 1986, and the Freight Rover Trophy Final at Wembley against Bolton Wanderers, and we finish off with two matches from a slightly more recent era, an FA Cup Fourth Round match against Chelsea from Stamford Bridge – which is, for the record, delightfully recounted in the marvellous football anthology My Favourite Year – and, last but not least, another Bristol derby, this time from March 1996, which...

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Neil Warnock & The Phantom Goal

Sometimes, one has to wonder whether this sort of thing follows Neil Warnock around. In 2007, Sheffield United were relegated on the last day of the season after Carlos Tevez scored an unlikely winner for West Ham United at Old Trafford. In February 2008, he accused a linesman of celebrating a goal for Bristol City in a match against his Crystal Palace team. Last weekend, in what threatened to overshadow everything else that took place over the three divisions of the Football League, Crystal Palace ran into more problems at Ashton Gate with a “goal that never was” in their Championship match against – again – Bristol City. They had been playing for half an hour at Ashton Gate on Saturday when Palace’s Freddie Sears drove the ball past the onrushing Bristol City goalkeeper Dean Gerken and into the bottom corner of the net. Except for one small detail. The ball bounced up off the metal rim that holds the net down and bounced out. The referee and his assistants presumably thought that the ball bounced out off the post and refused to give a goal. In the final minutes of the match, insult was layered upon injury when Nicky Maynard scored the only goal (that was awarded) of the match for Bristol City. Cue an expected amount of apoplexy from Warnock and the Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan....

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