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The Cherries On The Cake

It might, perhaps, should, have been a nervy evening on the south coast. Playing forty-eight hours after the rest of the division has completed its weekend fixtures may have a tendency to give bored or distracted players the opportunity to entertain themselves by dwelling upon the magnitude of the game ahead. Fortunately for them, however, Bournemouth were playing a Bolton team which, after half an hour or so of making a reasonable fist of putting some sort of opposition, started to play as if their minds were already focusing on their end of season awards dinner as the first...

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Match Of The Past: AFC Bournemouth

Having now completed the clubs of the Premier League and the Football League Championship, we continue our series of archive matches this morning by kicking off League One with AFC Bournemouth. Our first match comes from the days when the clubs was still known as Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic, and it’s a home match from the Fifth Round of the 1956/57 FA Cup against Tottenham Hotspur. The club changed its name to AFC Bournemouth in 1972, and our second match comes from ten years after this, a trip to Valley Parade to play Bradford City in May 1982, a result which saw the team promoted from the Fourth Division of the Football League. Our third match is another top of the table clash, a trip to The County Ground to play Swindon Town in April 1987. Our fourth match sees them travel to play Hull City during the 1989/90 season, and we round off with a further two away wins, against Brentford from April 1995 and against Peterborough United from January 1996. You can follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter by clicking...

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AFC Bournemouth’s Local Paper Banned – Chairman Edddie Is At It Again

The relationship between a local newspaper and its closest football club can be a mutually beneficial one. Football remains the one item on the news agenda that is more likely than anything else, and a sizeable proportion of its sales will come from those that want the daily drip of coverage that they might not get from elsewhere. The flip side to this is that local newspapers are usually the biggest cheerleaders for a local club.  They provide a depth and breadth of coverage that lower division clubs will never get anywhere else, and keep it firmly in the spotlight if a local populace that might well otherwise find something better to do with its Saturday afternoons. There is, however, a price to pay for clubs to for all of this free publicity. If publications are going to write independently about football clubs, then clubs should probably have to accept that not every single word written about them will be glowingly positive. The local football hack is often a fan as well, and has opinions that range far beyond merely being those that clubs would like to see made public. Even where that isn’t the case, a free press should be free to criticise rather than being little more than a mouthpiece for the club. If a football club wants no  more than for the sports pages if its...

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