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The Axe Fails To Fall On Steve Kean… For Now

It was a story that was completely in keeping with the entire way in which Blackburn Rovers Football Club has been run over the last couple of years or so that whether it was true or not was almost irrelevant. As a barometer of...

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Match Of The Past: Blackburn Rovers

This morning, we return to our series of videos of the clubs of the Football League Championship with another of those relegated from the Premier League at the end of last season, Blackburn Rovers. Blackburn Rovers is a club...

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Blackburn Rovers: When Owners Turn Chicken

One emerging problem with the “benefactor model” of club ownership is “what happens next?” Blackburn Rovers have struggled with this problem since their 1990s benefactor, steel magnate Jack Walker, died in 2000. And current...

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