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Birmingham City: Carson In Court & Paladini In Panto

In May, I wrote parts one and two of an article on Birmingham City’s multi-titled, multi-remunerated Peter Pannu. And I promised a part three. Only last week did I realise that part three never made it from my clapped-out PC to the site. And the article, along with my research notes, disappeared into clapped-out PC-heaven. Well, my clapped-out PC is a little less clapped-out now (whether the same could be said for its owner is debatable). And I’ve made new notes. So here’s something for “Pete,” who wondered, on July 5th, if my next Blues’ piece was “ever going to come out.” On the surface, Birmingham City’s takeover battle is a standard one between a deeply unpopular, incompetent current regime and a populist, popular bidder. Scratch that surface and you uncover complexities with the current regime, which make it even more deeply unpopular, and a bidder who appears just as clueless. The biggest achievement of largest shareholder Carson Yeung and Peter Pannu’s regime remains turning predecessors David Gold and David Sullivan into “the good guys.” Regular readers will know of my distaste for those “gentlemen.” Yet very little undertaken by West Ham’s current custodians was as worthy of utter contempt as Yeung and Pannu’s running of the club. City have never been an established Premier League club – as Daniel Ivery of hugely-informative website Often Partisan noted, you aren’t...

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Birmingham City: Peter Pannu Posts – Part One

Birmingham City’s acting chairman Peter Pannu recently responded to media focus on his financial affairs with a lengthy statement on the club’s website. It said much about the man, his attitude and the Blues’ off-field problems – little of it good. Mark Murphy comments on it all.

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Birmingham City: Peter Pannu In A Pickle

It is exactly three years since the press-release heavy article in the Birmingham Mail newspaper announcing Birmingham City’s new sponsorship deal with Chinese sportswear manufacturers X-Tep. But even allowing for the spin, it shows how large a failure Carson Yeung and his associates’ Blues ownership has been. Three years on from heady days of live Chinese TV coverage of Blues games and other dreams, Yeung awaits trial in his native Hong Kong on money-laundering charges. And Blues are edging down the Football League Championship and selling all significantly valuable players simply to stay in business – a process which, the latest football club accounts confirm, is far from complete. The article also shows how central ‘acting chairman’ Peter Pannu has always been. It’s references to the “X-Tep deal” being “the tip of the iceberg as far as what Carson Yeung is doing for us in China” and how “this link-up and our combined expertise…can only help our star shine” all came from “club chief” Pannu.” And a photograph on the Guardian newspaper’s website last weekend literally showed Pannu in a central role when Yeung and co. took over in September 2009. Yeung is flanked by six ‘associates’ from home and Hong Kong. Immediately to Yeung’s right is Vico Hui, former Chief Executive of Blues’ ultimate parent company Birmingham International Holdings (BIH). Hui is currently blamed for what eventually became the...

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