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Match Of The Midweek: England 3-0 Belarus

England completed their World Cup qualifying group matches with a workmanlike win against Belarus this evening, and even though Peter Crouch scored twice for the home side, the real star of the show was David Beckham’s beard.

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Match Of The (Mid)Week: Belarus 1-3 England

Wayne Rooney earns tens of thousands of pounds per week. It’s worth remembering this when one considers his appearance in Minsk tonight. He is one of the richest men of his age in Britain, yet he seems to have chosen to have his hair styled by a heroin addict. Moreover, he is now augmenting this look with a beard that looks as if it might be a prototype attempt to morph into Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. He needs to let the hair on top of his head grow if he’s going to be successful with this bold move. Whilst Rooney’s topiary leaves him an easy target for critics, his football doesn’t – at least, not when he puts in the sort of form that he showed this evening, with an incendiary performance to drag England out of a first half torpor to win a match that was proving to be as tricky on the pitch as it looked on paper. One also has to start wondering what Fabio Capello is now feeding the players at half-time. In each of their first four World Cup qualifying matches, England have laboured until half-time and then flourished in the second. Rio Ferdinand’s press conference before the match, at which he admitted to the negative affect that the hangers-on had on England’s performance at the 2006 World Cup. Considering the reaction to...

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