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Back From The Brink? Almondsbury Town Live On, For Now

In the same week that Gloucestershire FA Chairman Roger Burden was elected Vice-Chair of the national FA, there was another bit of good news from his ‘patch.’ Almondsbury Town FC will continue, albeit a number of leagues below the league they ended last season in. Back in April I wrote about how the Almonds, a club with more than 100 years of history, were evicted from their home at Oaklands Park by none other than, the Gloucestershire FA. So this week’s news that the team, the first from Bristol to ever play at Wembley, will continue is a welcome reprieve, even though the team’s new league is the Bristol Suburban League Premier Division as opposed to the Southern League Division One South & West and their new first team is actually last year’s reserves because all the first team from last year have already left. Still, they are continuing, at least for the time being. The team will call Scott Park, in nearby Patchway, ‘home’ – it used to be used by Patchway FC Thirds before they disbanded – it’s not in Almonsbury, it’s not got a clubhouse and it doesn’t belong to them, but it’s a ground. Beleaguered chairman Bob Jenkins told the Gloucestershire Gazette that the club’s future was far from safe. “The committee is going to carry on as best we can. “With no facility at...

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The harsh reality of fruitless efforts: RIP Almondsbury Town

The FA is all about supporting grassroots football isn’t it? Well not if you are Almondsbury Town FC and they evict you… Almondsbury Town FC have been enjoying a great season. They are playing at the highest level in the club’s history with a decent squad of good local players. Unlike so many clubs at their level (Zamaretto South & West) and even more in the leagues above they are debt free. They have a loyal following and are holding their own in the league. They play Cinderford Town on the last day of the season, and then that’s it. Almondsbury Town FC will drop out of the Southern League. They won’t be relegated, they are currently just outside the play-off places – the first team will just disband. Thanks to an off-the-field wrangle, which has seen the team effectively evicted from their ground at Oaklands Park the club have no home, and according it seems no future for the first team. The reserves will continue, for now. The statement on the club’s website says it all: “The harsh reality of fruitless efforts to secure a viable future for the Club came to an end today.” And who are the landlords who have forced a club, with more than 100 years of history (in various guises), to withdraw from the league? Well that would be the Gloucestershire Football Association....

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