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The 20 “Most Important” Football Clubs In The World

It doesn’t do any of us any harm to occasionally remind ourselves of the sheer blustering pomposity of the biggest clubs in football. Tonight’s ambassadors for “giving the fans what they want” (as ever, a thin mask for “making more money for ourselves”) are Milan, who had some very important opinions to give on the subject of a European Super League. “”I still believe a European league will be an unavoidable step, though it may take more time than expected,” said the Milan director Umberto Gandini. “Between the 50 most important continental clubs, none would give up playing in their respective countries”. Disregarding the increasingly popular opinion that perhaps the “most important” clubs should perhaps be expelled from all other competitions, packed onto a space shuttle with anyone that likes the idea of Milan playing Manchester United every week for the rest of eternity and sent to Jupiter so that they can get on with it there without inflicting it upon the rest of us, the use of the phrase “most important” which is the giveaway. The winding up of G14 and subsequent inclusion of the biggest clubs into the European Clubs Association was supposed to put an end to all of this, but it was simplistic to assume that the more atavistic tendencies of the biggest clubs would vanish merely because Michel Platini invited them for tea and...

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Match Of The Week: Al Ahly 2-4 Pachuca

The FIFA World Club Cup got under way last week, and it’s time to bring you all up to speed with the latest events from Japan. Three matches have already been played, and there’s now break until Wednesday, when the first semi-final match is to be played. Then, on Thursday morning (GMT), Manchester United enter the fray with their semi-final, with play-off matches preceding a double-header of the third and fourth place play-off match and the final next Sunday in Yokohama. The tournament opened with a poor match between Adelaide United and Waitekere United from New Zealand. One might have expected this to be a comfortable win for the A-League professionals, but they made hard work of winning this match. They fell behind eleven minutes from half-time when goalkeeper Eugene Galekovic fumbled a fairly straightforward catch from a cross to allow Paul Seaman to stab the ball into the unguarded goal. Waitekere’s lead, however, lasted for just five minutes before Adelaide levelled things up, with Daniel Mullen being left unmarked in the penalty area to head the ball past the impressive Richard Gillespie. With seven minutes left to play, captain Travis Dodd headed in a free-kick from Paul Reid to win the match for Adelaide, and set upĀ  quarter-final match against Gamba Osaka. Adelaide weren’t impressive in their opening match in the slightest, but they were considerably improved in...

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The FIFA World Club Cup 2008

Is it that time of year again already? Long time readers will remember this site’s visit to the FIFA World Club Cup in 2006, and we have continued what is now becoming the tradition of lavishing attention on this tournament, which is surely the most peculiar in the football calendar. This year’s World Club Cup will be the last to be held in Japan for a couple of years – for the next couple of years, the competition will be played in the United Arab Emirates – and, as ever, there is an eclectic selection of clubs taking part, from Manchester United down to Waitakere United from New Zealand. This year’s tournament has an even more lop-sided look to it than usual. The surprise of the year in world football was Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito’s win in the South American Copa Libertadores, which made them the first ever Ecuadorian winners of a competition which features some of the giants of world football. That said, however, what many might assume to be’s assumption that Manchester United might just be a touch premature. Before we go on to look at why that might be, let’s start off with a quick look at this year’s runners and riders. UEFA Representatives: Manchester United (England) Who Are They, Then? Well, they’re probably the most famous club side in the world. Three times champions...

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