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Accrington Stanley’s Brave New World

At the League Two match between AFC Wimbledon and Accrington Stanley a little over two weeks ago, a curious incident occurred which warranted comment only from the tidbits columns of the weekend’s sports pages but may yet come to have a significant bearing at the end of the season in League Two. With the clock ticking down to half-time and the score still goalless, a shot from Accrington‘s Billy Kee squeezed through a crowd of players and into the corner of the goal, only for it to become clear that the referee, Trevor Kettle, had blown for half-time as...

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It’s Tough At The Bottom: Accrington Stanley Is Still Clinging On

With more than a quarter of the league season now played, the tables are starting to take some sort of shape. Over the rest of this week, we’ll be looking at four clubs who sit at the very foot of their divisions, starting at the bottom of League Two and a club that has rather got used to a life of struggle in recent years, Accrington Stanley. It was, on the surface at least, one of the great romantic football stories of recent times. The story of Accrington Stanley, ‘The Club That wouldn’t Die’, winning its place in the Football League back after almost five decades in the relative wilderness was one that touched a raw nerve amongst football supporters. Many of us have suffered our our own near death experiences over the years and this redemptive tale, of a club cast asunder by the Football League on account of a few weeks of madness buried deep in the mists of time, has one to gladden the hearts. Over the course of the last seven years, however, the fairy tale has come to increasingly resemble a war of attrition, an apparently perpetual battle to keep this football club solvent in an unforgiving era during which money, one of the things that Accrington Stanley FC has less of than everybody around them, has come to dominate everything else. It’s now...

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Fifty Years Ago: How Accrington Stanley Fell From The Football League

It is probably fair to say that 2012 hasn’t been the greatest year for British football clubs so far, financially speaking at least. Rangers, Portsmouth, Darlington and Port Vale all languish in administration and it is possible that others will join them. The language of the discussion of these clubs carries many tropes that are easily identifiable, but there is one that sends a cold chill down the spine of supporters more than any other: the possibility of a club failing to complete its fixtures. More than anything else, it is this possibility more than anything else which confirms a suspension of reality, and it is mercifully infrequent that it should ever come to pass. In recent years, the spectacle of a club folding in the middle of a season has been limited to non-league football, but it has happened in the Football League and this week marks the fiftieth anniversary of probably the most famous financial collapse of all. The sign outside The Crown Ground in Accrington welcomes visitors by identifying Accrington Stanley as “The Club That Wouldn’t Die”, but Accrington Stanley did die in the spring of 1966, havng been forced to resign its Football League in the most public way possible four years earlier. The club’s financial problems had been evident since the end of the previous year when the club had been put under a...

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The Fall & Rise Of The Football Collection Tin

The collection tin rattling outside a football ground was, for some years, the clarion call of the truly desperate club. They were at their loudest at Notts County in 2004, who have also caught the zeitgeist by grabbing some millionaire owners from the, ahem, “Middle East”.

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