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1860 Munich Appear In the Clear, But Is 50+1?

It has come to pass, then, that German football sees its first Arab investor with last week’s announcement that Hasan Ismaik bought a 49% ownership stake in 1860 Munich. The thirty-four year old Jordanian reportedly signed away €18 million in order for the Bavarian club to avoid a calamitous descent from the 2.Bundesliga down into the amateur leagues had it not been able to secure new investment and meet the financial obligations to secure a playing license for next season. Again, the purchase figure for Ismaik is a “reported” sum as neither he nor the club revealed the actual amount, but it comes close to approximating what the Lions’ debts were with around €4 million to spare for future expenses as the 2011/12 season begins. The simple fact that 1860 Munich have future expenses to look forward to might be a welcome blessing for most supporters, who might have had a true fear that if Ismaik’s involvement had not come to pass, there would not have been an approaching season with impending debts to incur. Well, at least for 1860 Munich there might not have been another season; it seems there would have been one for an amateur phoenix side perhaps styled 2011 Munich if the old club had indeed gone under, such is the passion of those tangled up in blue in Bavaria. At this point in the narrative, we typically comb through the...

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Tangled Up in Blue: 1860 Munich Has a New Challenge

One of the best lines from that cinematic masterpiece Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby, is “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” While not entirely apt, denizens at Maine Road and later Eastlands might have felt this way a bit as they witnessed Manchester United win league titles and trophies whilst City battled relegations and derby defeats. Simply put, playing second fiddle in a two-piece band stings and is not a prospect any sporting club would wish to entertain. As it has been for some time in Manchester, England, so it has been in Munich, Germany. While Bayern Munich have risen to become a contender in the European theatre, the most recognizable club to casual observers of German football with its “FC Hollywood” label, winning numerous domestic accolades, 1860 Munich have regressed from being selected by the German League ahead of Bayern for 1.Bundesliga consideration and winning the league in 1966 to playing most seasons in the lower divisions these days, mired in financial follies such as the one previous president Karl-Heniz Wildmoser made last decade by entering a highly unpopular groundshare arrangement with die Roten at the Allianz Arena. Perhaps just to illustrate further how poorly things have been for the Lions in relation to Bayern, when they were no longer able to afford their ownership interest in the Allianz, the club sold is 50%  stake to Bayern...

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