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Home Away
3Man Utd13510184232761525
4Aston Villa14331107403129624


11Man City144031981241014717
16West Ham133131111114511-614

20West Brom14214814115211-1511

It may not not look like it much at the moment, and it almost certainly won’t look anything like it by the end of the season, so make the most of tonight’s Premier League table while you can. Arsenal, finally overcome by Aston Villa and down to fifth place in the table, are now closer to the relegation places than they are to the top of the table. In a twenty team division, this feels like a healthy thing, for the time being. The curiosity about this year’s Premier League season is that, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United excepted, everyone is beating everyone else.

It remains, of course, a continuing concern that the Big Four seems to have been whittled down to a Big Three. The raw fact remains that there are only three clubs that, in the middle of November, can conceivably win the Premier League. There are, however, even glimmers of hope in this direction. Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea all failed to win today, and none of them were playing each other. I can’t remember the last time that this happened. Let us hope that the Premier League is still this tight at the end of the season.