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Author: Mark

Kingsmeadow, Wimbledon & Kingstonian: An Alternative View

Ian’s article on the future of my club, Kingstonian, got to press as I was writing a similar piece. I could not have bettered Ian’s work – he should really be winning awards for this sort of thing.   But even Ian fell foul of one or two of the misinformation traps which the story has set. So I’ve got at least some excuse for flinging my righteous indignation your way. Recently, I’ve watched as the club I’ve supported for thirty-three-and-a-half years has come under apparently fatal threat. Halfway through those years, such a situation would occupy my thoughts in...

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FIFA: The Vindication of Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings’ latest book The Dirty Game: Uncovering the scandal at Fifa, was something of a greatest hits’ package. Terrific stuff for those brought to Fifa’s corruption tale since the ground-breaking events in May while breaking little new ground for more seasoned observers. His latest BBC Panorama Fifa documentary, Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Me, threatened to be similar. Thankfully, though, it was a delight. Far more than just the film of the book. The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) summary of its latest Fifa indictments (forgive me for not yet wading through all 263 (!!) pages yet) stresses...

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EPL International Cup Fever – The Cure

Premier League International Cup (PLIC) fever briefly gripped Aldershot last Friday night. Mark Murphy caught it. Again. But quickly found an antidote. Two British champion clubs. Two under-21 representative sides. Two entirely separate footballing worlds. After 23 minutes of the teams’ PLIC Group A game, vital in terms of both sides’ competition future, Chelsea led Celtic 4-0. And at some stage during this goal frenzy (forgive the tear-stained memory failure here), a middle-aged Chelsea fan behind me spoke approvingly of the future prospects of a number of the junior-ish Blues. Mukhtar Ali, Kasey Palmer and Charly Musonola had been...

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Blatter: Between The Angels Or Away With The Fairies?

The key to Fifa president-under-suspension Sepp Blatter’s sliding fortunes has been the changing attitude of the organisation’s Ethics Committee (EthCo). In June, journalist Andrew Jennings could, without fear of contradiction or legal repercussion, reference Blatter’s “hand-picked Ethics Committee who obey his instructions.” Five months later, the EthCo appears ready to finish Blatter’s Fifa career in disgrace and completely, with its reported calls for life bans from football for he and (this week) comrade-in-arms, Uefa president-under-suspension Michel Platini. In such desperate circumstances, Blatter’s media circus continues apace. There was a terrific Financial Times newspaper article The Fall of the House...

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