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Author: Ted

The 200% World Cup: Brazil vs Colombia – LIVE!

Soccer! It’s back again and the hosts are in action. This is no doubt terribly exciting for the loyal support but not necessarily so for us, because Brazil have stunk the place out so far, or at least been terribly disappointing. Their test today is a stern one, against everyone’s favourite South American team from this tournament. Colombia have been dazzling, aggressive and potent, as well as possessing the outstanding player of the World Cup James “James” Rodriguez. The game in Fortaleza promises to be hot hot hot. If that fails, there’s always the weather. We’ll be here from...

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The 200% World Cup: Tales Of An ABE

There is usually no moral dilemma for a fan of “anyone but England” (ABE) approaching a major international football tournament – or, for that matter, any England game. And the pathological ABEs will never have such a dilemma.  As “Britain’s best sporting comic” Andy Zaltzman noted in an Independent newspaper World Cup preview which I will never tire of nicking quotes from citing (“A Neutral’s guide to the World Cup”), there are few nations “with no long-standing historic grudge against the English relating to history, empire, being located on the same land mass, some iffy refereeing decisions in battles...

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The 200% World Cup: Artist’s Impression, number 8

Luis Suarez, eh? He’s big news. As surely as a team coached by Fabio Capello plunge headlong into igniminious early elimination at each and every World Cup, Luis Suarez will find a way to make his presence felt. Usually by biting your shoulder. Although I believe that Branislav Ivanovic got off with the old ear nibble. So he’s not afraid to mix it up, no doubt one of the factors that makes him such an unpredictable and difficult opponent. Our hamfisted resident artist Dotmund saw a picture of Mr. Suarez in amongst all the news coverage and it reminded him...

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