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Author: Mark

Liverpool Apply A United Shaped Sticking Plaster

Liverpool might well have been very convincing in beating Manchester United on Sunday, but Mark Murphy is less than convinced that this result says very much about the medium to long-term stability of a club that may have become very dependant on perpetual Champions League money.

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The Football League Fails The Fit & Proper Test

The Football League’s confirmation that Notts County’s new owners are “fit & proper” appears to be a cause for celebration for the club, but Mark Murphy is wondering exactly why this should be when, to be quite frank, no-one is any the wiser as to who these owners actually are.

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Birmingham City – Out With The Old & In With The New

Birmingham City are under new ownership and, as you’re probably aware, it’s another club under foreign ownership. Mark Murphy takes a look at David Gold (who we suspect will be back sooner rather than later) and puts Carson Yeung under the spotlight.

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Yes, It’s Sulaiman Al-Fahim Again!

Sulaiman Al-Fahim has been getting out in the press, and a recent interview with a pan-Arab business magazine caused Mark Murphy to get all hot under the collar again. He dissects what Al-Fahim said, and has compared it with what we understand has been going on at Fratton Park recently.

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The “Fit & Proper Persons Test” Sting

Mark Murphy thinks that he might have discovered that the recent rash of football club takeovers may be a sting concocted by the News Of The World to show up the football authorities’ Fit & Proper Persons Test for what it is. Is the most rational explanation, isn’t it?

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