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Author: Mark

Birmingham City: The Pornographer vs The Hairdresser

Mark Murphy looks into the circumstances surrounding the takeover of Birmingham City, which aren’t necessarily as straightforward as you might have initially thought as a war of words threatens to break out between the old and the new at St Andrews.

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Jack Warner – FIFA Vice-President With A Difference

England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup is plenty capable of derailing itself, but vice-president Jack Warner has unsurprisingly now been getting involved. Should the FA be being lectured on morals by him, though? Mark Murphy thinks that they probably shouldn’t be.

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Southend United Hit The Financial Buffers

Southend United are the latest club to be in trouble with the taxman, and they have a date in court on Monday with a bill of over £600,000 to pay. Mark Murphy takes at look at the recent goings-on at Roots Hall – goings-on which are starting to become wearyingly commonplace this season.

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Rangers & Their Influential 10% Shareholder

After their recent defeat by the Romanian champions Unirea Urziceni, Walter Smith let slip that Lloyds Bank were running Rangers. Mark Murphy has been looking at the figures and is starting to think that, financially speaking, they may be stuck between a rock and a half place.

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Hull City’s Finances Show The Downside Of “Ambition”

Mark Murphy has been having a look at the precarious financial position that Hull City seem to find themselves in, and is concerned. Through a myriad of holding companies, the club now seems to be almost entirely dependent on avoiding relegation in order to survive.

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