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Author: Mark

The Value Of Shareholder Democracy At Rangers & Watford

Both Watford and Rangers have had disagreements at boardroom level over the last couple of weeks. Mark Murphy has been looking at both clubs, and arrives at the conclusion that under all of the smart talk, no-one – not even those directly involved – knows exactly what is going on.

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Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

Mark Murphy has been looking at the Notts County supporters’ reaction to recent events at Meadow Lane, and he is less than impressed. But then, what else would you expect from supporters that, as it turrned out, gave their club away for one pound?

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Who Knows Where The FIFA Bodies Are Buried?

Jerome Valcke is the General Secretary of FIFA, and he has a somewhat colourful past. Mark Murphy is wondering aloud how someone that may once have cost FIFA $100m ended up on stage Charlize Theron at the draw for The 2010 World Cup.

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Is Portsmouth’s New Owner The Urban Spaceman?

Mark Murphy returns to one of his pet subjects today, and has a few questions to ask about why, with the news that the players’ wages weren’t paid on time again at the end of last month, Portsmouth’s situation doesn’t appear to have changed much for the better under their new owner.

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Watford’s Financial Gap – Finding A Way To Bridge It

Watford are in financial trouble, but they should be able to find £5m from Elton John or Lord Ashcroft even if they are currently being run by two brothers that supply salad to supermarkets, shouldn’t they? Mark Murphy is less than convinced, and reports on yet another cautionary tale from the Football League.

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