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Bournemouth & Cardiff’s Risky Strategies

Two clubs that haven’t yet resolved their differences with the taxman are AFC Bournemouth and Cardiff City. Mark Murphy has been taking a look at both clubs, and finds a bit of a high risk strategy taking place at each.

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Richard Scudamore Is Let Off The Hook

Presidents of the United States have their annual “state of the union” addresses. The Queen has her annual Christmas TV broadcast. And the equally important Richard Scudmaore, Premier League-land’s head of state, has his annual exercise in nauseating sycophancy from Daily Telegraph football correspondent, Henry Winter.

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Dr Sulaiman’s Resignation From Fratton Park

Sulaiman Al-Fahim offered his resignation as a director of Portsmouth Football Club in a characteristically farcical fashion. Mark Murphy takes a look at this, and wonders aloud what his motives for such a decision could be. Suffice to say, he’s not terribly impressed. What a clown. Surely only Sulaiman Al-Fahim could write a “private and confidential” resignation letter, dated 22 February 2010, that you or I could read in the comfort of our own home at lunchtime…on 22 February 2010. Al-Fahim’s resignation ought not to make a ha’porth of difference to Portsmouth Football Club it what could still be its very last week of existence. It is but a(nother) matter of comedy that Fahim should resign in this way, his definition of “private and confidential” some distance away from yours or mine. Not only did he give his mate Anil Bhoyrul at Arabian Business magazine the story, he gave him the actual letter which, by lunchtime on the day it was dated, was an attachment to the magazine’s story. Indeed, so public has Fahim made this “private and confidential” matter that Bhoyrul didn’t even have the brassneckery to label it an “exclusive.” If Fahim had ever possessed the capacity to be taken seriously, one issue he raised in the letter would be of some concern, however. Whilst Fahim was a “non-executive” chairman at Portsmouth, he was a board member....

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Southend United’s Counter-Attack Against HMRC

When HMRC came a-calling for Southend United’s tax debt, the club decided that it didn’t the money in the first place. Or did it? Mark Murphy finds mixed messages coming from Roots Hall, and supporters of the club are now very concerned about its long-term well-being.

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