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Author: Ted

Wimblemund 2015 – Day 0, The Preview

Ah, right, yes. Tennis. I believe that this is the first time in the nine years of 200% that tennis will have featured on these pages. These esteemed, multi award-winning pages. No pressure there at all. What has happened is, I’ve worn him down. Ian, I mean. Every summer – World Cup, European Championship, or Olympic Games notwithstanding – away I go on my annual Wimbledon fortnight tennis reverie. Completely lost to the world. In previous years, Ian dealt with this calmly. By which I mean with continual blinking incomprehension. One year, when I had agreed to go to...

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The 2015 Women’s World Cup: Second Round History

From the pen that brought you the last-16 tie between Germany and Switzerland (thank you to Ming for pointing that mistake out), here’s Mark Murphy’s review of the record-breaking developments in this year’s Coupe du Monde Feminine de la Fifa.

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The 2015 Under-20 World Cup: Serbia’s Success

Serbia were one of the first two teams I saw live on telly in this ultimately satisfying World Under-20s Cup Finals. And, decent though they were, they didn’t scream “potential world champions” at me. Nemanja Maksimovic’s slide-rule finish on one hundred and eighteen minutes gave the Serbs what we were reminded every ninety-four seconds was their first world title “as an independent nation.” However, between reminders ninety-one and ninety-two, British Eurosport commentator Wayne Boyce informed us that Fifa had “given” Serbia the 1987 title won by Yugoslavia, in a supreme piece of historical revisionism and geo-political nonsense. I’d like...

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The 2015 Women’s World Cup – The Group Stages

If a song called Friday on My Mind soon appears in the charts, the BBC’s extensive and impressive coverage of the Women’s World Cup in Canada will be largely to blame. When commentator Dave Woods said that Cote D’Ivoire were “supposed to be here to be the easybeats” of Group B, he may have also triggered a royalty claim from any surviving members of the 1960s Anglo-Scot-Australian beat combo of that name. Sadly, the football hasn’t, yet, lived up to the coverage (British Eurosport have also devoted commendable time to events). The quality of some early games allowed sexist dullards...

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Lies, Damned Lies & Brand Value

In 1984, I was discussing European club football with a work colleague. As fans of Kingstonian and pre-Simod Cup Reading, we were not best-placed technically for such a discussion. But we quickly agreed that combining “English” workrate with “continental” skill would be some sort of footballing nirvana. English clubs had just won six European Cups out of seven. But if Graeme Souness could add Michel Platini’s skill to his “qualities,” how much better would the spectacle be? (Adding style to Trevor Senior was, admittedly, another matter). Seems we were wrong. The key was “brand value.” At least that’s what...

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