Just over a year ago, Plymouth Argyle played Newcastle United in the Championship at Home Park. It was an emotional night all round, as Newcastle were promoted but, at the same time, Plymouth were relegated. Newcastle’s supporters could have been forgiven a little catharsis as their team returned to the Premier League after a year in exile, while Plymouth were facing an uncertain future after dropping from the league that they had been in since 2004. A and a week on, Plymouth Argyle are in adminstration and facing next season in League Two, whilst Newcastle are comfortable in the Premier League with games to spare. The memories of that evening in Devon, however, have died hard with some Newcastle supporters, who have produced this video, urging their fellow supporters to donate money to The Argyle Fans Trust, who are desperately raising money to try and buy a stake in their club.

Much has been written over the last few weeks about the nature of football support, fanaticism and some of the less salubrious aspects of the behaviour of some – perhaps many – of us. However, as a group, football supporters are more than capable of acts of kindness towards their fellow supporters. We have suggested on this site before that the rivalries and mutual loathings that have long been part of our game but have, in recent years, become something far toxic, are mere distractions, and that we perhaps should, as supporters, focus our energy towards a more common enemy – those that are selectively asset-stripping our game. We’ll be returning to Plymouth Argyle’s proposed CVA over the next couple of weeks or so – for now, though, it is perhaps worth taking a moment to reflect that, for all the sheer white noise that we hear on a daily basis, football supporters are still capable of behaviour that lifts, rather than sinks, the heart.

You can donate to The Argyle Fans Trust here.

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