I have been watching football for thirty-two years, now. It seems scarcely credible, but it is a fact nevertheless. Like most of you, I have seen hundreds – possibly thousands  – of matches, but there is one that sticks out in my mind as my favourite, and I know that you almost certainly have one too. So, here is the idea: a series of paeans to our favourite matches, written by all of us. They don’t have to have been the most exciting matches of all time  – in fact, they don’t necessarily have to have been exciting at all. All we’re looking for is a tribute to your favourite match, and your reasons for it being your match are entirely yours.

If you’re interested in contributing, leave us a comment in the comments below this post so that I can contact you, or alternatively drop us an email via the Contact page, which is at the top of the site, and we’ll make it happen. If someone else has already bagged your favourite match – this will have to be done on a first come, first served basis, obviously – we’ll let you know.  A word of warning, though: I’m reserving the 1984 European Championship Semi-Final between France and Portugal for myself.

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