The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we’re slowing down on this series now that the new season is properly under way. We’ll work our way through the rest of the Football League over the next few weeks and months, but tonight we continue with Crystal Palace and we have six matches from the years between 1971 and 1990. The first match is from November 1971, and is a home match at Selhurst Park against Manchester United. By 1976, the club was in the Third Division and our second match is from the clubs FA Cup run of that year, a trip to Elland Road to play Leeds United in the Fourth Round of the competition.

Next up is a match from the 1972/73 season against Chelsea at Selhurst Park. Our fourth match is from October 1978, and is a home match in the Second Division against Brighton & Hove Albion from a season during which these two rivals battled it out for the division championship. We then have one match from the 1980s, a home league match against Wolverhampton Wanderers from the 1982/83 season, and finally the 1990 FA Cup semi-final match at Villa Park against Liverpool.

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