This morning, we continue our series of video archive matches of the clubs of the Football League Championship with Bristol City, and six matches from the years between 1976 and 1996. First up sees the club in the First Division for the first time since 1911, ad facing a trip to Highbury to play Arsenal in 1976. This match is followed up by a match from three years later from Ashton Gate against Liverpool. The club lasted four years in the First Division before getting relegated in 1980. Two summers later, the club was freshly relegated to the Fourth Division and trying to off-load eight players – the “Ashton Gate Eight” – in order to stay afloat. Our third match comes from a period during which the club was starting to recover from these dark days and it is, as is one other match from our selection, a local derby match against Bristol Rovers.

We then skip forward another to years to 1986, and the Freight Rover Trophy Final at Wembley against Bolton Wanderers, and we finish off with two matches from a slightly more recent era, an FA Cup Fourth Round match against Chelsea from Stamford Bridge – which is, for the record, delightfully recounted in the marvellous football anthology My Favourite Year – and, last but not least, another Bristol derby, this time from March 1996, which sees City travel to Twerton Park in Bath to play Bristol Rovers in a match in what we now recognise as League One.

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