We have a little break from the usual this morning, with a downloadable, four-part audio cassette produced by the BBC in the early 1990s, just before the death of Sir Matt Busby, which tells the story of Manchester United Football Club through the prism of the involvement of the man that took a run of the mill First Division club and made them the champions of Europe and one of the biggest club sides in the world. Written and narrated by the late Bryan Butler, the BBC radio commentator, it features commentary snippets from many of United’s great matches of the post-war era, as well as interviews with the likes of Bobby Charlton, Denis Law, George Best and Harry Gregg.

Ironically, “The Busby Dynasty” was released in 1992, at the very end of the club’s remarkable twenty-six year long wait for an English championship, and few would have guessed at the time that the club would go on to enjoy the most sustained period of success that any English club has ever seen. It is most notable for the quality of its production (Butler himself came from a much-missed generation of BBC radio commentators whose authority and tone encapsulated all that was good about the corporation’s sports coverage), and really is essential listening for anyone that may be wondering what the legacy is that the green and gold protests currently taking place at Old Trafford are trying to save. It comes in four parts, and has a total running time of around 140 minutes.

Part One: 1948-1958

Part Two: 1958-1968

Part Three: 1968-1979

Part Four: 1979-1992