We have now been producing articles for Twohundredpercent for almost ten and a half years. In total, as of the end of October 2016, over 4,800 posts have been written for this website and we have no intention of stopping. However, as we have pointed out before, audiences will eventually get the media that they pay for. The print media is already collapsing under the weight of falling advertising revenues, and online advertising revenues have not compensated for that loss.

We’ve never run advertising on this website. The user experience – ie, your experience – is too important, and we are consumers ourselves. We know how intrusive advertising can be. In theory, we could put the entire site behind a paywall, but we’re not owned by Rupert Murdoch (actually, we’d consider that to be one of our selling points). We can’t justify closing this website off to everybody bar a small number of people who will pay. In principle, it’s a great idea. In practice, it would never work.

Furthermore, we’ve been giving this shit away for more than a decade. There is an argument for saying that we shouldn’t withdraw what we do after this period of time because suddenly we need to try and run the site on a slightly more commercial basis. And we don’t think that it’s right to ask you to pay for nothing, or rather, for something that you’ve been receiving free of charge for the last decade.

With that in mind, we launched a free e-magazine at the start of September. It’s thirty-two pages long, contains no advertisements, and is full of material that we have written specifically for it which won’t be appearing on the website. We will also shortly be launching a subscribers only podcast, which will be commencing soon. We have three tiers of payment, one as a goodwill payment to us, one for the magazine, and one for the magazine and podcast. You can find more information about how to subscribe on our Patreon page. In the meantime – and apologies for the crapness of these pictures – here’s a round-up of what’s been in each edition so far.




There’s plenty more that isn’t put on the front cover of each episode, of course. Every month, our artist in residence Edward Carter provides fine cartooning to complement his Parking The Coach series, while I pick out something that niggles me about football in a largely unimportant sense and pay tribute to a design classic from the past. So, come join us. We guarantee you won’t be too disappointed.