The Europa League: Liverpool vs Manchester United, Live!

by | Mar 10, 2016

Context, context, context. It’s all about the context. Never mind the fact that the first meeting between these two clubs comes in the Europa League rather than the Champions League. Perhaps more than any other game between two English clubs, Liverpool versus Manchester United is the one which feels like the most like a clash between civilisations – between empires, if you wish. And as with most empires that have ever existed, the history between these two clubs hasn’t always brought out the best behaviour in some. From match-fixing in 1915 to CS gas canisters in the 1980s and the endless, witless celebration of tragedy, some have always taken it too far, although perhaps that’s inevitable when feelings run so high.

We marked this match a little earlier on today with our Video of the Day, a re-run of a First Division match played between the two teams in February 1983, and rather than seek to tell you myself about the nature of the rivalry between these two clubs, I’ll just point you in the direction of this outstanding piece of writing on the subject from The Anfield Wrap‘s Gareth Roberts, which appeared a little earlier on today, so there’s a little to chew on by way of introduction to it all, for now. I’ll be back about ten minutes before kick-off with the teams and a little of the pre-match atmosphere. Well, a screaming baby. The screaming baby may feature quite heavily tonight.

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