Euro 2016: Turkey vs Croatia… Live

by | Jun 12, 2016

Good afternoon everybody. It’s been a pretty dismal couple of days if you’re any nation other than Welsh, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for a chink of sunlight this afternoon, with a further three games to be played. And first up is the Group D match between Turkey and Croatia from the Parc des Princes. Turkey qualified for the finals of this tournament by one of the more unique available methods. As the top positioned third placed team, they proceeded without having to go through the play-offs, after having finished behind the Czech Republic and Iceland in their qualifying group, a somewhat fortuitous gap to fall between when we consider what happened to one or two of the fancied teams in those play-offs.

The Croatian team at this year’s tournament seem to be witnessing a revival of that old canard, the Dark Horse. They qualified as group runners-up behind Italy and with such talent as Mario Mandzukic and Luka Modric at their disposal, it becomes understandable as to why this should be. Due to the quirks of scheduling, by the way, the other match from this group will be played tomorrow. This match, meanwhile, is being played at Parc des Princes. On the northern outskirts of Paris – the ground stands on top of the Peripherique, the city’s ring road – the former home of French football, now usurped by the Stade de France, has been significantly renovated, although it retains its brutalist concrete curves. And Paris St Germain don’t look like going anywhere at the moment.

We’ll be back shortly before the 2.00 kick-off time with the team news.

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