Euro 2016: Switzerland vs Poland, Live

by | Jun 25, 2016

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to our live-blog of the first of the second round matches from this summer’s European Championship. After a fairly eventful forty-eight hours or so, perhaps it’s right that we try to get a little normality into lives and our job here is football rather than politics so let’s get on with that and try to put it all out of our minds for a few hours with our first of matches of the day, between Switzerland and Poland.

Switzerland edged their way through to this stage of the competition with an identical record to that which England managed in Group B, but this afternoon they come up against one of the giants of the European game who hasn’t been present at this summer’s tournament so far. Robert Lewandowski is one of the very best strikers in Europe, but he didn’t so much as have a shot on target in the first three games. Will this colossus awaken as we reach the knockout stages of the competition?

We should probably expect a tight, dour game this afternoon. Poland got through to this stage of the competition unbeaten and with three clean sheets, but they only scored two goals – both in the opening ten minutes of the second half, for those of you who are interested in the staistical side of things – and it’s difficult to avoid the viewpoint that this is unlikely to a goal-fest to mark the return of festivities. But still, stranger things have happened and we’ll be here to take you through it all.

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