Euro 2016: Spain vs Turkey.. Live!

by | Jun 17, 2016

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Ian June 17, 20167:46 pm

Spain: De Gea; Juanfran, Pique, Ramos, Alba; Busquets; Silva, Fabregas, Iniesta, Nolito; Morata.

Turkey: Babacan; Gonul, Topal, Balta, Erkin; Tufan, Inan, Ozyakup; Calhanoglu, Yilmaz, Turan.

Ian June 17, 20168:00 pm

Evening all, a week’s gone now in the European Championships and we’re little closer to knowing who’ll win it. Spain were in impressive in their opening match and Turkey not much better. All standing now for the national anthems. No words to Spain’s, of course, so the crowd are singing along with the tune, which is something I rather like. Spain are unchanged from the first match, only the one for Turkey. Yilmaz comes into the Turkey team.

Ian June 17, 20168:02 pm

Call me an old fraud, but I like Turkey’s change kit from a distance. It’s one of those Nike template jobs, with a gradient from white to sky blue, and it looks a lot better from a distance than it does close up. Spain’s kit is gorgeous. Red shirts, blue shorts and black socks.

Ian June 17, 20168:05 pm

Tony Pulis is alongside The Tyldesley in the commentary box this evening. Perhaps we should have spread bet on minutes for the first mention of either “a wet night in Stoke” (the correct version) or “a wet night in West Bromwich” (the polite version, so far as Pulis is concerned.) I wonder if Pulis is wearing a baseball cap tonight.

Ian June 17, 20168:07 pm

Long range shot from Morata forces a save from Babacan and a corner for Spain. Not an incredibly difficult shot to save but, as Joe Hart proved yesterday afternoon, there’s no such thing as an easy shot for a goalkeeper.

(There is)

Ian June 17, 20168:09 pm

Re: the Tony Pulis baseball cap question, I was not expecting such an authoritative answer, but I’m delighted that we got one.

Ian June 17, 20168:13 pm

Although God, if this were true…

Ian June 17, 20168:19 pm

There’s not an enormous amount going on in Nice, by the way. My wife and I are just discussing which animal which stores food in its mouth later we’d rather be, pelican or hamster. I went pelican, she went hamster. Mind you, she is vegan, so I guess that’s understandable.

Ian June 17, 20168:27 pm

Free-kick for Turkey on the edge of the Spain penalty area, but the ball swings a couple of feet or so over the crossbar.

Ian June 17, 20168:29 pm

Chance for Spain! Nolito receives the ball on the left-hand edge of the penalty area, but there isn’t quite enough curl on his shot and it drops just wide of the post.

Ian June 17, 20168:32 pm

Actually, the holders are starting to turn the screw a little now. Nolito screws the ball wide, but Turkey are largely pinned back at the moment.

Ian June 17, 20168:36 pm

Goal! Spain 1-0 Turkey! That had been coming, to be honest. Nolito crosses from the left and Morata deftly flicks the ball beyond Babacan and into the corner of the goal.

Ian June 17, 20168:38 pm

And another one! Spain 2-0 Turkey! Nolito, this time – a pass from Fabregas should have been cleared but a poor header only diverted the ball into Nolito’s pas, and he rolls the ball in. Looks like there’s going to be a team finally score more than two goals in this tournament this evening.

Mark June 17, 20168:39 pm

No chance…this game has 2-2 written all over it… And I’m sure “the lad” will get one for Turkey, if Pulis has his way…

Ian June 17, 20168:40 pm

A free-kick on the left is dragged back to David Silva, but he completely mis-kicks and Turkey clear the danger. There’s just over five minutes to half-time, and Turkey really, really need the half-time whistle in order to regroup.

Ian June 17, 20168:40 pm

Ah, Mark! If you were going to be an animal that stores food in its mouth to consume later, would you rather be a hamster or a pelican?

Mark June 17, 20168:48 pm

I KNEW you were going to ask me that. I’ll reveal all after the break 🙂

Ian June 17, 20168:51 pm

Half-Time: Spain 2-0 Turkey. I still don’t think that Spain are firing on all cylinders. Having said that, though, they’re strangling Turkey at the moment. Back in fifteen, bien sur.

Mark June 17, 20168:52 pm

Pulis offering plenty of jargon-heavy analysis to go with his chronic inability to ID any Turkish players. Was he a late substitute as analyst? Have enjoyed his Radio Five LIve stuff, so have high hopes for…………..the lad………………….

Oh…and if this REALLY finishes 2-2, I’ll…go to the foot of my stairs…(whatever that means)…

Mark June 17, 20169:05 pm

Have I just switched on to a version of the “Moral Maze” by mistake? The Croatian FA calling their pyro-throwing fans terrorists…just the perspective required in such circumstances. And then the Tyldesley addressing all sorts of footballers’ moral issues (De Gea etc…). Blimey


Mark June 17, 20169:06 pm

Alba to Morata and…2-2 is rubbed off “all over” this match.

Ian June 17, 20169:07 pm

Goal! Spain 3-0 Turkey! Morata rolls the ball in from close range after Spain cut through the Turkish defence like a hot knife through butter. So much for that half-time reshuffle, then. And as I type this, Morata heads narrowly wide.

Mark June 17, 20169:09 pm

Just before Spain get their fourth…Pelican (see 8.40pm below). But don’t ask me to explain. Just instinct… Quick look at the screen…still 3-0. Czech Republic looking better and better as the night rolls on…

Mark June 17, 20169:11 pm

Mind you, Yilmaz slices a good Turkish chance wide. Goal-fest today at the Euros, relatively…

Mark June 17, 20169:14 pm

Actor Dominic West making his Turkish debut…with a headband. Looks like he’s on the setpieces for the second half…

Mark June 17, 20169:16 pm

Always a little disappointed to hear Spanish fans going “Ole” at times of passing dominance. You think they’d have a bit more imagination, having the whole language to pick from…

Ian June 17, 20169:19 pm

David Silva has a shot deflected narrowly wide. Turkey are doing a very good job impersonation of a team that has completely given up.

Mark June 17, 20169:19 pm

David Silva in right-foot shot shock. And its not a bad one. Slightly better than the left-foot one that soon follows…

Mark June 17, 20169:20 pm

Pulis started a conversation about “zonal spaces” a few minutes back, before seeming to fade out. Did he lose faith in his analysis, or was his mic turned down?

Mark June 17, 20169:22 pm

Pulis is now talking about players “rolling inside the pitch.” A modern-day Ron Atkinson…hopefully with better racial politics…

Ian June 17, 20169:24 pm

Turan and the Turkish supporters now seem to be gesticulating at each other, a sure sign that the wheels have completely come off their wagon now.

Mark June 17, 20169:25 pm

Turan getting pelters from the Turkish fans, who might better direct their ire at HG Wells’ invisible man and his twin brothers in the centre of their defence…

Mark June 17, 20169:26 pm

And it can’t be because Turan plays for Barcelona…they are Catalan…not Spanish (lights the blue touch paper…and retires…)

Mark June 17, 20169:28 pm

Even the officials have given up. Pique does a full “Thierry Henry” at the back post and no-one bothers with anything so grand as a free-kick.

Mark June 17, 20169:29 pm

Off goes Dominic West for Turkey and Fabregas for Spain. Interesting remake of “The Wire” coming up??

Mark June 17, 20169:34 pm

Turkey improved as their qualifying campaign developed. They have made most of the return journey tonight.

Mark June 17, 20169:36 pm

Tyldesley entertains the prospect, out loud, of a second round tie between Spain and Wales. From Welshman Pulis…silence…

Mark June 17, 20169:39 pm

Eleven minutes left, and Spain sort of look like they want a fourth (Morata, obviously, wants a personal third). Just as well, really.

Tyldesley entertains the prospect, out loud, of England winning the tournament. From Welshman Pulis…raucous laughter…

Mark June 17, 20169:45 pm

Pulis believes the “Croatia game” will be “more of a test” for Spain. But with both sides all-but-through, it might be more like their drab meeting at Euro 2012, with players rested everywhere. Tyldesley notes that the game is “live on ITV” but sounds like he’d rather it was on the Beeb.

Ian June 17, 20169:46 pm

This game has fallen asleep, hasn’t it? Half a chance for Turkey, there, but this has been beyond them since about thirty seconds into the second half.

Mark June 17, 20169:46 pm

Sahan fluffs Turkey’s best chance of the half and Pulis doesn’t understand why “the lad” did what he did…

Mark June 17, 20169:47 pm

I think I might have nodded off too. Missed Azpilicueta’s entrance entirely…

Mark June 17, 20169:49 pm

Only two minutes stoppage time. The referee shows some mercy.

Mark June 17, 20169:51 pm

Turan’s fate might be the most interesting consequence of this match. Tyldesley notes “an air of protest” about his display. And you sort of know what he means, while wondering what excuses his colleagues have. 3-0. Easy peasy Espana…

Ian June 17, 20169:54 pm

Full-Time: Spain 3-0 Turkey. The biggest win of the tournament so far, but it still didn’t tell us a great deal about Spain because Turkey were pretty abject. Still, at least we can take from this evening that Tony Pulis doesn’t wear a baseball cap in the commentary box and that pelicans are probably a better storage/eating combi for food. And I think that’s about us for tonight. I’ve got a feeling that Dotmund and I are planning a live podcast for the Ireland vs Belgium match tomorrow afternoon. Because there’s no way that can go wrong. Honestly. We tee ourselves up for this sort of thing, but anyway. Have an awesome rest of your Friday night, get out and get some fresh air tomorrow morning, and we’ll sew you back here tomorrow afternoon for some more hot soccer.