Euro 2016: Portugal vs Iceland… Live! With Memes!

by | Jun 14, 2016

As long-time readers of this site may recall, two years ago at the World Cup finals in Brazil we ran a live-blog for a group match between the host nation and Mexico through the medium of MS Paint. Well, now Euro 2016 has come along and we’ve been live-blogging every game of this tournament, so tonight it’s time to mix it up a little bit, so this evening’s match, Portugal vs Iceland, will be brought to you via the medium of internet memes. Everybody’s seen them, those pithy pictures with words around them in Mocrosoft’s Impact typeface, and they’ve become such a thing in recent years that there are now a ton of online generators which make producing them so easy that even idiots like those who run this website can make them in a matter of seconds.

So, al you need to do in order to join in the fun is head to an internet meme generator – this one seems perfectly workable after just a few seconds’ glance – upload your pithy pictures, and email them to our email address and we’ll post them up, to create a unique and not remotely idiotic journal of Iceland’s first ever match in a major tournament finals, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest venture to win an international tournament, the one thing that his eluded his glitter-sprinkled career so far. It’ll be fun. We promise.

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