Euro 2016: Portugal vs Austria… Live!

by | Jun 18, 2016

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Ian June 18, 20167:43 pm

Good evening everybody and, after a, shall we say, eventful match between Iceland and Hungary earlier this afternoon, we come to the last of the second round of group matches between Portugal and Austria. Group F is the group that nobody wants to win, it seems. Austria could go top of this group with three points this evening, should they win, whilst Portugal may wish to come good on their potential following their draw with Iceland last week. So, here’s the teams:

Portugal: Rui Patricio, Vieirinha, Pepe, Carvalho, Guerreiro, Quaresma, William Carvalho, Joao Moutinho, Andre Gomes, Nani, Ronaldo.

Austria: Almer, Klein, Prodl, Hinteregger, Fuchs, Harnik, Ilsanker, Baumgartlinger, Arnautovic, Alaba, Sabitzer.

William June 18, 20168:00 pm

Portugal are in dark red and Austria are in white. All is right with the world.

Ian June 18, 20168:03 pm

I was just thinking the same thing. That Austria kit is lush. For some reason, I always forget how crazy the Portuguese national is. It’s not quite at the level of of, say, Brazil, but it’s well on the way.

Ian June 18, 20168:07 pm

Also, I’m not above continuing to get angry over the state of Portgual’s sleeves.

William June 18, 20168:08 pm

David Alaba is playing as a number 10 for Austria after a season at centre-back for Bayern Munich. I like this very much.

Ian June 18, 20168:09 pm

As I recall, Austria were the most mulletted team at the 1990 World Cup finals. It’s good to see that they still have at least one player who loos as though he may have one from a distance, even though he clearly doesn’t when you get close up.

William June 18, 20168:15 pm

Nani spins past Prodl on the edge of the box but, predictably, spurns his chance. Almer turns another shot behind then saves a header from the resultant corner. Austria should be ahead already, mind, after Harnik’s early header.

Ian June 18, 20168:15 pm

Three shots in quick succession for the Austrian goalkeeper Almer to have to deal with. Nani danced past a challenge on the left and the goalkeeper blocked the shot with his legs, and almost immediately had to push Vierinha’s shot behind for a corner.

Ian June 18, 20168:17 pm

I think it’s Baumgartlinger with the long-distance onlly mullet copy. Talking of which, I saw Chris Waddle being interviewed before the Iceland match, and you do tend to forget how severe his hair was at its worst, too.

William June 18, 20168:22 pm

It is indeed Baumgartlinger. It’s half-mullet, half-bubble perm, I would venture. Follicles aside, a useful player for Mainz when I’ve seen him play.

Ian June 18, 20168:29 pm

Ian June 18, 20168:30 pm

That’s what I’M talking about.

William June 18, 20168:31 pm

Ronaldo contrives to miss from 10 yards, which is certainly quite funny but doesn’t change the fact that Portgual are overwhelmingly on top. Nani and Moutinho both have a go from a corner but 0-0 it stays.

William June 18, 20168:38 pm

What I like most about that Austria team photo is the stern arm-folding, suggesting even they weren’t happy with their hair.

William June 18, 20168:42 pm

Arnautovic and Alaba fall out over who’s going to take a free-kick. The latter wins the argument but his shot’s cleared off the line, rather superbly, by Vieirinha.

William June 18, 20168:46 pm

No goals at the break but I’ve certainly seen worse 0-0s.

William June 18, 20168:47 pm

On an unrelated note, David Alaba really, really likes Haribo.

William June 18, 20169:14 pm

Almer flings himself to his left to keep out Ronaldo’s thunderous shot then stoops to save Portugal’s captain’s header from the following corner. Just how much this will lead to the Austria keeper incurring Ronaldo’s disgust in the post-match interviews remains to be seen.

William June 18, 20169:21 pm

I’d missed the fact that Leverkusen had signed Baumgartlinger from Mainz. He and his hair should complement Kevin Kampl pretty well.

William June 18, 20169:24 pm

Alaba comes off for Austria, possibly because of injury considering none of their other players are anywhere near as well-known. Given how poorly he’s played, however, he might just have been hooked.

William June 18, 20169:31 pm

Moutinho trips Baumgartlinger (who else?) and Austria have a free-kick. They make a right mess of taking it but Fuchs manages to get a shot in eventually, which goes apologetically wide.

William June 18, 20169:35 pm

Penalty to Portugal when Ronaldo is wrestled to the floor by Hinteregger as a cross comes into the box.

Gloriously, his kick hits the post.
Still 0-0.
William June 18, 20169:39 pm

As the football world enjoys a huge round of collective schadenfreude, Austria come forward and two crosses are repelled. They look the likelier to score all of a sudden.

William June 18, 20169:44 pm

After putting my neck on the line by backing Austria in the final minutes, Ronaldo thinks he’s scored. Fortunately (for me, anyway), the linesman spots that he was several yards offside when the cross came in.

William June 18, 20169:57 pm

0-0 at the final whistle, a result that means Austria will definitely have to win their final game in order to reach the last 16 as too will Portugal possibly. Given that the former had been everybody’s dark horses going into the competition and the latter have you-know-who, Hungary and Iceland have done tremendously well to make this group’s final set of games on Wednesday so tricky to call.