Euro 2016: Ireland vs Sweden… Live!

by | Jun 12, 2016

We briefly mentioned on our preview podcast that one of the defining features of this tournaments is the number of nations with one marquee player. From Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal to Adam Lallana and England, it seems to be the way of things that many nations have one superstar accompanied by a supporting cast, and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the case of Zweden Ibrahimovic. This one player’s every utterance eclipses every other player in his squad to such an extent their involvement in this summer’s festivities may come to resemble the long-half-forgotten animated Happy Days spin-off “The Fonz & The Happy Days Gang”, with Ibrahimovich in the role, depending on your taste, of either the leather jacketed one himself, or his cartoon dog, Mr Cool. We shall see.

As for Ireland, well, in a group that also contains Belgium and Italy they may already have been written off as also-rans, but Irish football is nothing if not optimistic, and if they can keep Mr Cool quiet for the duration of this afternoon’s match they may consider themselves at a level of something approaching parity with Sweden. So, will Irish eyes be smiling by seven o’clock? Will this be the only hopeless cliche that I utter over the course of the next couple of hours? Tune in to find out.

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